Fatherhood is a thankless job.... A solid advice I would give a youngman joining ktalk!!!

First of all let’s get it out of the way i don’t regret my decisions I live with them! Forget the bulshit you have been fed, the fairy tale of having a ‘heir to the throne!’ As a young man you have the whole world ahead of you, it’s your for the taking, you can be anything you want to be, you can literally see your dreams crystallize, Forget the societal pressures, the matrix, expectations of people etc Don’t listen to pressures from your parents to get them grandkids since they are ageing, don’t listen to your stupid spiritual “leader” singing that children are from “God”! Na ati kila mmoja anakuja na sahani yakee!!! Am here to tell you for free cut that bulshit!!! Concentrate on yourself, self betterment,travel, explore the world, studies etc don’t just have children!!! You see how cute they look when they are dressed up? Believe you me, they just look that for close to an hour, most of the time is crying, refusing to eat, attitude, meffi all over the place, sleepless night etc And mostly it’s you the man who has to toil on a boring routine ass of a job to facilitate that. You put your dreams and ambitions on hold to facilitate a narrative of placing other people’s interest first and above all at the expense of yours!!! In any competition there is a winners medal at the end, we’ll for fatherhood just take solace in the fact that “you did your best” the outcome not withstanding!!!

I just wished someone would have hit me with these blatant facts earlier!!!

Wacha niwapeleke swimming!!!

And as a daily reminder…

children are blessing. hii yote umesema ni chieth

I can relate mbloh

He still need to grow up

buda naona umekunja uso ukipeleka watu swimming:D:D:Dlakini pambana

Wajunior ni kazi in itself. I see watu jobo wakijaza loan forms za Sacco ndio walipe fees na saa hiyo sura wamekunja najiuliza nani aliwalazimisha kupata hao watoto.
For some reason mimi naogopa sana kulea, tumbo yangu pekee haiwezi nishinda

Ukimwaga ndani ya mrs imei you were like. Ai sweeety tamuu kama sungura. See the outcome

Unaishi na both your baby mamas?

Ata ikioa ukiwa 40, you will still go through same bullshit. Be optimistic, utalea mapema wakiwa campus utakuwa wazurura dunia ukidry frae akina vera

Shida ni by the time wako campus your finances will be tied sana (read mortgage, building your house) hata hiyo ya dwyfwy hauna.
Ile time unapata kupumua umezeeka forcing you to be constantly on perfomance enhancing drugs risking a sudden heart attack.
Either way ukiamua kuoa na kulea jitolee tuu coz nothing is guaranteed whichever way you look at it

How many can travel the world? Don’t kid yourself. An average airline ticket from Kenya to Europe is Kshs 100k, to SA Kshs 70K, to Rwanda, which is closer is approx. 40k. That is just the ticket without factoring in accommodation, food, shopping and other miscellaneous expenditure.


Ka @Panyaste “Tamu sana”.

There is very little difference between those ambitions, dreams and interests you talk of and children, they all require lots of work and dedication, you just need to go down the road that gives you satisfaction and contentment, clearly for you and the MGTOW boys your interests rank higher than family so go for it, no one is going to beat you up if you do not sire offspring or marry, hii dunia kila mtu alikuja pekee yake and you leave it alone.

Better words were not said. :), A man must realize that, so he can grow out of the society cliche perfect family. after that now you start creating a life. I have an older guy great friend good salary, kids left and he can see the woman has her own life now that they are older. In 2 yrs he will retire. .

When he retires he knows hakuna mtu ako na kazi na yeye so he has been building a 4 flr guest house with a bar and restaurant.

One day he told me this plan, and I asked why, akaniambia a man is always alone on Earth and must accept his curse. When I retire my wife and children will only hate me more now that I’m a burden. My clothes will not be washed and nor will this woman feed my ass’s so what I can do is finish this restaurant and guest house. Here my sheets will always be clean even when I loose ability to sleep without wetting my bed and my clothers will always be cleaned and food at the restaurant is a guarantee.

In many ways I saw the wisdom in his retirement plan. Where he is not a bother and given that the children will not see him as a bother, his legacy will remain intact. Even at death. :rolleyes:

Ninapewa mapressure mingi but I will on my own timing

Na nguvu gani? Pata first born Kama @uwesmake ,then @digi ,@Kimakia alafu @TrumanCapote ,wewe kwisha!!!


Uliamua utakuwa eunuch milele?


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