Wanakijiji watu wa embabout forest ata kama hutaoa be present in the lives of your kids bana…I had this neighbour we grew up together who came from a single mother family of him,sisters and a younger bro, sasa huyu boyz rumours had it that alikuwa homo coz he used to caress neighbourhood kids and we were supicious of his activities considering he was in highschool na sisi those days we were younger…so fast forward the homo’s younger brother pia amecome out as gay, you can tell that ata kama the older bro was just genetically gay to cut him some slack the younger one followed suit coz he always looked up to his bigger bro which could not have been the case if they had a father figure that they could look up to …sasa this family’s future is totally fucked up…two homos and daughters

Nashuku walichunishana sukuma

Are you equating the disappointment from two male shogas similar to the one of bearing a daughter?

No, by viewing the family you can see 2 sons and daughters but sasa hii ni 2 homos and daughters

Usi analyze sana nikama asema hio feminine energy ilijaa kwa hio nyumba ilifanya kila mtu awe wa kureceive mijeledi.
Disappointment ni vijana wa nyumba.



A father is crucial. I come near the mighty Tana river. It has Crocodiles and Hippos. Hippos are more aggressive and faster so more dangerous. When my single mother cousins and friends come around, I always ensure the male kids are taken to the river wachunge crops. Well, some women object but over time they support it. Kadhaa wameumwa but the process is important

If only @kanguthu @Thirimaii @LeVoyeur had strong male figures in their lives they wouldn’t be gay


The sperm donor entered embobut forest cause he was gay. He couldn’t stand the shame of being a homo

Upbringing plays a big part ya mtu kuwa gay, fifteen years from now kutakuwa na a lot of open homos in this country, reason being nowadays kuna a lot of boys with no father figures, watching anime and porn, mtoto hachezi na watoto wenzake, kama haiko shule he is always indoors.



Tf?! You’re a psycho

Jambaz msenge hapana nitaja kundu la konokono.

To the contrary. These young men must learn from an early age that life is difficult and no one will nurse you to success. The river is just a training ground. I have graduated from it but with just a minor crocodile bite. Graduates of this system are very successful. I insist, it works magic

Also had a neighbour like this, kijana alipelekwa boarding Kangundo Boys when he came back 1st year alirudi na tabia za kisenge senge kama @Weyn na @Nipe Nikusifu fat with tits na mitako curling his hair na kueka lipstick, akiwa holidays alikuwa akinyemelea vijana wa wenyewe younger ones in primary school kwanza zile nyumba wazazi wote walikuwa wanaenda kazi. Some neighbour’s boys & girls were ‘touched’ but it was found out later after some neighbour noticed an influx of boys with a number of girls always heading to his house back door…questioning some kids wakatoboka, there were also girls in the mix, kesi ilikuwa mbaya sana mpaka that singo matha aunt who used to house him plus her own kids alifunganya virago na usiku with them wakahama. Hiyo estate was never the same after that.
Hizi vitu huanza either boarding ama prisons, and some of them carry it to the others, mtu jambazi kama @johntez addi gaza msafi hapo juu haikosi ni kisenge na vile amezoea kulala Inda, no way his scrotum is intact lazima Oti walimpiga team building kama ile series ya OZ .

Again, high school students must learn to work for their pocket money. So they must work the river when on holiday. From a broader perspective, this approach feeds evolution because on the strong survive @Tauren

Inakaa Friday haikupeleki mbaya,uko na nyege sana