Fatal mistakes Uhunye made

He iniatiated handshake without consulting other political leaders. Had he involved Kalonzo, Raila, Mudavadi, Ruto and all the other leaders this issue will not have been such a controversial issue as it is now. People now see it as a two people affair concerned about influencing 2022 arithmetic
He forgot that he was married, had a bride in the person of William Ruto and did the hand shake behind his back.
He did not sell the handshake immediately in his core constituency, Mt Kenya and explain the purpose, implication and the results of the handshake. Maybe had he done this there would have been less backlash.
He did not involve his party in the handshake. He forfeited his party and went for the handshake alone. The support from his party would have meant a lot.
He did not involve the Mt Kenya leaders, leaders from his own base. He saw himself as a dynasty and a tribal lord and thought he would lord it over his people and the leaders because he considers himself as their tribal lord
He allowed various information about the handshake to circulate from his so called allies. Waiguru and the rest have been preaching that it is the time for Raila’s presidency so many people have now believed that the handshake is meant to ensure Raila gets power in 2022 hence the resistance.
He has not taken a strong initiative to counter the propaganda being spewed around the handshake in his core constituency Mt Kenya and around the country. He has allowed the tangatanga and kieleweke brigade to sell their versions of handshake which many have believed such as on referendum, creation of prime minister for Raila and increasing of taxes to mwananchi through many positions. It is too late for him to counter the propaganda now coz it has taken root.
Lastly Uhuru did not consider his voting base, how they feel about the person of Raila. He is now being seen as fronting him, while his constituents seem to want nothing to do with the guy. Had he thought about this earlier he would have seen the need to involve all the major political leaders in this issue. It would have appeared genuine and well meaning from the beginning

The man has nothing to lose. That explains the audacity

wewe huoni uhuru has gained weight after completing multibillion commercial family deals with the kenyan state bila maandamano na teargas? These billionaires know exactly what they are doing…our peasant opinions won’t matter.

it is about 2022 and beyond an ensuring that they remain in power if i tell you that those uhurus kids one will be president some day you would say am joking
especially the one who has been struggling to read swahili in public

Mandago alikwambia muwache pressure, stress ya Baba itawauwa.

The Northland city master plan tells you who Uhuru has become. Mkijenga mall jamaa anajenga city.

He thought mt Kenya would follow him wherever. Allogant! He thinks he’s baba:rolleyes:

Wewe unaharibu muda kutype hiis story yote. let billionaires eat. 2021 mutakula teargas 2022 mupangwe.

Right now it might look like he has nothing to lose but tables turn my friend.

Which tables. The longer it takes not being predictable is a big plus for him. He doesn’t want to be stressed by anything.

2022 and beyond haiko mbali.

He needs some 24+ months of peace.



Hii handchieth was the biggest blunder. Imefungua watu macho to some extent vyenye tumebebwa malenge

Uhunye is still alive!! Ama?

Fatal mistakes!!!:(:frowning:

Truth be said, the handshake is the greatest political move he made after 2017 elections…
his Mt Kenya base and Rift valley can go to hell, they will grumble but there is nothing they can do…he does not need their votes again…
But Raila would have made a living hell out of this 2nd term… now his biggest obstacle is in his pocket and his base is annoyed kiasi but that he can deal with

Raila was a personal solution to a personal problem. His lieutenants couldn’t contain him.

How? Nothing changes for him. If anything he has better chances of remaining protected. Those guys are selfish bana. Ruto would have purged them anyway. Atachapa kinusu mkate na ruto akiingia prezzo. Handshake works for now.

This country was on a brink of another 2007. Raila was determined to get us there again. Uhuru made a decision and followed through with it. Angeanza kuleta mambo mingi mkenya angeumia. Hindsight is 20/20