Fatal accident pale Kakamega....Let's be careful please!


Poleni kwa walio adhiriwa.

This looks tragic… Scary to say the least.

pole kwa wahusika…

except the nissan is a toyota

I say all vehicles above 3Tons shiuld be inspected before embarking on any trip. The mechanic evaluating should be held responsible incase of such failures

Waaah! Unaweza pata walikuwa wanatoka graduation ya Jana pale moi.

I see one chicken there. Sad.

How fate had it that they were all to be in that nissan…

Plus the nissan wasn’t bieng recklessly driven…

Jana a prado ran over revelers who had been dropped by an uber…

-moral, you can’t be careful enough… It’s only God who protects… Pray pray pray…

Noma sana

It’s time for the government to have safety standards for PSVs. Like every month there is a matatu accident that kills everyone on board. That’s because these matatus are cheaply built and cramble like a tin foil in an accident. I’m sure the ones built for the Japanese market actually have set safety standards to adhere to and ensure passenger safety.

Which matatus? The ones from Japan?

Yes, I was implying that the matatus that are imported here from Japan are not built the same as the ones built to be used in Japan. I could be wrong but I have not have of many accidents in Japan where everyone dies and we import most cars from Japan so the ones we are getting must of different build quality.

Why put blame on the Thermos before Conclusive evidence etc ni brakes zilifail
RIP to the deceased and quick recovery to the injured

Pole kwa jamaa na marafiki.
I don’t know what caused this accident but generally it will take more than just once-in-a-while-crackdowns to reduce road accidents in Kenya.

Many drivers on our roads don’t give a shit. Near the place i live, there is a clear zebra-crossing sign and a sign that says stop, and a speed limit of 30km/h. Truck , bus and SUV drivers especially, zoom that place at over 90km/h , severally pedestrians are knocked down in groups…

Very sad shit.

kenya is a failed state pretending to work ! This is a lawless country… & Where is Jane Of Arch when you need her ?


Day of the monkey to die all trees are slippery

Hio slope hua si mchezo…Saw this vehicle left Eld in the morning

Hizi box ni kama karatasi, afadhali Toyota shark, may they rest in peace

One question, how do you know they did not pray?