Fat people

Am sorry @Kush nguruweste but I hate fat people,in the first place how do you allow your body to fatten inthe first place to be of public nuisance?
Sitting with a pot bellied old motherfucker who has the guts to read obituaries in a PSV coz my car has mechanical problems is such a nasty experience.
And this pigs smell,right @nguruweste?they sweat i wonder foe those who praise momostes how do you bear the stench those roughly washed orifices emit?
Better pay child support than sleep on same bed with sweaty fat lazy for nothing woman.
So disgusted and squeezed like govener mutua

Dont generalize. Some have health issues. Hii ndio cyber bulling

Kuna momo ilikula fare kwani?

Why cant they drink lemon or cucumber water to slim?this people are lazy low IQ peace of shits who dont want to work hard to manage their bodies.if rick Ross worked out his 6by 6 tummy to be a normal heathy human what of Kenyan pot bellied bonobos?

Wewe umekonda sababu ya kusota na mashida, acha kuwaonea wivu wale wako na pesa wakamea vitambi.

:D:D:Dokey then if nmesota

Go get circumcised. Also deworm while your’e still healing.

NV shit watch ur mouth and play with ur agemates stupid this thread is elders only so shut the fuck up

The Last Word …

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder …

So …
FAT to You is just AVERAGE to Someone else …
Ama , Namna Gani , Ndugu Yangu …???


yuckk those pimples must be the corona virus @rexx i respect u but this one clearly must be quarantined

Unaishi aje Nairobi bila mattress nugu hii. Ama Malaya wanakula pesa yote?

:D:D:D:D sikuona hakuna matress CSI

Hilo tako ni chafu