Fat partner

How do I maximize my sexual game with a fat lady?..been doing missionary nimechoka nao
Mnipe other positions that wont make me get tired in between

niaje transgender freak, try doggy style, but madem wengine lazima upembeleze ndio akubali style ingine other than missionary

sema ukweli ni nyanya amekufunga:D:D:D:D

just do it the way you saw it done in porn, sure you have watched.

I tried sexing a fat one but it became mission impossible. I gave up.

Dog style lazima ukumbuke kuinua mapua juu usinuse meffi.

How OLD she … WALL-WISE?

G** mofo

tamu sana chubby mamas… wengine all styles unaeza kunja kama chapo ya kinde

Arw you sure its not your 2" that complicated the mission?


I am 7"

Stop Body Shaming and use your imagination … …:smiley: