Fastest Growing Towns in Kenya

Growth by population, infrastructure and real estate. I have not traveled intensively, but I believe that there is a lot of cash to be made outside Nairobi. Which towns are the fastest growing, in your opinion? Personally, I think Thika is the next big thing. The growth rate is very rapid. In a few years, the activity and population density at Thika CBD will approach that of Nairobi CBD in places like Moi Avenue.

Weka Matuu hapo.

With all burning of other people’s invested, mayuu is the place you wanna invest in. We don’t know what kind of invest these guys will be burning next, especially in the 2021.


Thika is definitely doing something right…

It’s the people who live there that makes all the difference…
Nakuru town is another fast growing place.

Thika …Nakuru…ile place ya kivutha kibwana…

Ruaka City Metropolis

vile Purple amesema
inafaa kuchezea kwa city status

Kenol in murang’a… The town is doing quite well…lakini delmonte inafaa wafukuzwe kenol ishikane na Thika

Utawala mazee hata naogopa wasipandishe rent na hio hype

Wote town really growing. Na Athi River je? Malls mushrooming everywhere

They will just be big shanty towns if they are not planned well.

Even Eldoret is getting its groove back. That $ 2 billion industrial park will transform it completely. Kericho has been consistent with its growth, before and after devolution due to Tea industry. Isiolo town is still growing as well.

Ruiru Bypass is the place to watch after Ruaka. Especially with Uhuru’s Northlands City.

Kila mtu akae kwao, msikuje nax vegas. Sienj kapsaa

think about the boost by the presence of Mt Kenya Uni and several other colleges and the resultant sex tourism…

Lodwar pia is upcoming!

Now that Lappset is all system go then that least populated county will experience a boom.

Currently with the roads coming up, the whole country is going to open up and I guess once the trend has been set by towns like thika, et al, their will be no going back. Nakuru is just about 50 minutes away aided by expressways and working systems.