Fast and furious.

**Posted this some months ago but had to delete after a talker made me paranoid saying it was too soon to incriminate yourself… Anyways statute of limitation imepita so here we go… **

So some months ago used to religiously play football every Thursday and Saturday nights. It usually was from 8 to 10pm hivi tunatoka huko tumechoka vizuri unalala vipoa. So one of these nights after we finish playing our game my friend says ameumia kiasi Notapeoplesguy take the wheel. I had not carried my DL but ferk it anyways got in the drivers seat and we started our journey hadi Eastleigh. As we enter Eastleigh there is this particular road known for it’s roadblocks and unfortunately I had already entered it so making a U turn would have looked mad suspicious and brought lots of hit from @pamba and his mboys. Nikasema kama mbaya mbaya and I drove down the road, just where they were Kuna bumps and you have to slow down, at this exact time one of the boys mulikad a torch in my eyes and made some gesture to pull over. I look at my friend who owns the car akasema floor it. Ndio huyo mimi I step on the gas tukicheka thinking hawa watu won’t give chase. Big mistake.

They immediately get into their car and started chasing us down the pot hole ridden roads of Eastleigh. They switched on their sirens Née Naw the whole thing ikawa commotion. People just staring across the street at the drama that was ensuing. Nikapata joto kiasi and after getting a slight advantage told my friend it would be wise to pull over now. I get into a corner, pull over and quickly exchange seats with my bro who had his DL with him. The blunder we made was not exchanging T shirts also.

I remember hearing some cop shooting a couple ferking in their car s while ago nikasema we might face the same fate. Guys walked over to us guns pointed and I swear was expecting some shots to be fired at us and if we were lucky at the very least some few hot slaps. That would be standard form of operation for Kenya police. To my surprise their commander was very polite fella akauliza my friend why he didn’t stop when waved down, mjamaa akadai he didn’t understand the gesture :D:D
As they speaking with the senior officer this other cop akaja penye nimekaa, shined the light on my face akasema si ni wewe mwenye ndevu ndio ulikuwa una endesha kijana . Nikasema apana. He insisted ni mimi and told me to swear in front of Allah nikalenga hiyo story yake. He kept at it but my friend also insisted he was the one driving. Real G.At the end the senior officer told us tuende but never to repeat that shit again but the junior cop was still insisting I wa the one driving but amri ilitolewa and we started driving away , just as we going my friend told the visibly angry cop “Usiku njema mkubwa” akamjibu “ambia nyanyako hivyo” :D:D

Tukatoka hapo although it was tense at the moment I look back at it with a grin on my face.

usiku njema alshabaab mijinga.

Sasa juu nilisoma that time na nikakurushia like, enda uichukue huko uiweke hapa. ‘Usiku njema’ wariahe :D:D:D:D

:D:D:D huyu ni talker kwanza nashuku @Wechez

When you forget your DL give out your id.

mlipotea ndio mfiche grenades,huyo karao alikuwa wariahe mwenzenu

uncalled for…nn mbaya na wakenya lakini:D:D:D:D

That was a veeery risky move esp in Eastleigh.

I hope you learnt your lesson.

Since you are both men just give out any license, huwa hawafuatilii saaana…

Mimi si mla rushwa ka @pamba.

Nice hekaya Msomali. Very articulate! That day Allah protected you otherwise ungekuwa shimo la Tewa!