Fashion lovers wameleta shida pale Twitter... Kwani Daughter ya mkuu alichoma ama?

So you believe over 50% of kenyans are idiots whose heads have been hit by a donkey, and you are the only one thinking right because we are not obsessively having braingasms wanking to ojingas incoherenet stutters?

yes, 50% of kenyans who voted for Ruto are now realizing that they were idiots. There are all indications atakua one term president. Kuna ‘kagege’ najua kalimpigia kura. Siku akimuona kwa Tv anaizima. He has already shut down his business and fired his employees.


No it’s not true. What poll have you done to prove they are all idiots who bitterly regret their choice. You are confusing positive criticism with demented adoration. You believe everyone should furiously exalt their president at every opportunity as you would have expected us to do had raila won. it shocks your system that one can vote for someone yet not be ready to lay down their life to defend every decision they make. Unlike the obsessives who worship a personality cult, we recognize that Ruto has flaws like any human being, and we make it our business to offer terminal guidance course correction on our journey to a glorious future.

Do you run a business ama wewe ni mtu wa end month salary? I am sure wewe ni mtu wa end month salary. Hakuna haja ya kuargue na wewe. Wewe unagonja employer akuekee salary mwisho wa mwezi . Do business ujue situation kwa ground


Watu wa twitter don’t vote anyway. Kilele ya mtandao haitishi mzito hustler


So wewe unafikiria saa hii ojinga angekuwa prezo ungekuwa na mansion, and the proud owner of an entire caribean island filled with beatiful watiresses and 1000 servants to clean and brush your hair hadi mdomo?

Wanaume wengi wanaweza dry fry yeye in the hopes of kuomoka but they have to act tough here tunawajuq ghaseer hizi

And when was the situation for business glorious during uhurus time. People were taking Ls for most of uhurus tenour. Busness was still down and covid19 lockdown shuttered the economy. i dont know where this delusion that kenya was flourishing under uhuru comes from

Urongo urongooooo business was thriving pale Nyamakima isipokuwa ile blunder alirekebisha… Anus licker, lamba anus kabisa za Christmas zipatikane. Na ukuje nikuuzie mti ya Christmas kutoka China

ngima nene itina does kenya’s economy thrive around nyamakima

Yes it does. Huko ndio heart beat ya Biashara


Haka ka dem hakana kerathe. You can make noise all you want but haka kadem kako shiniiiii pia na wazazi try so hard lakini hawafiki bei.
Compare Kenyatta and the said guy, Ngina and Her, Margret and the Nabiiress sharp contrasts.

Ushamba ata uoshe na jik iezitoka


@mzeemashavu you know nothing about class. a man married into ngina’s family, a man without religion, without any known achievements in academics or his profession…you know nothing about class.

Siwezi mind kumwanga joti kwa hio helipad (forehead)

Kindly Show Us Your Female Relatives (Siblings Incuded)… And then we can do a Proper Comparison.

Si kwa ubaya, but she should throw away, donate, or burn that dress, all the same–it looks bad; and use an adept hair-dresser and make-up artist too. Those are small things for someone like her. It’ll pay off.