Fascinating illusion

Skua nmeona pia

How is that shit happening?
It’s an interesting optical illusion.

Nike …

how does that happen.

Mayb the world is an optical illusion… Once you know the truth… Everything starts making sense…

I cant unsee it hehe

It’s proof of the flexibility of the mind. The mind can think, or see, or hear, or feel anything that exists, and that that doesn’t! It is why education in Africa is given in doses, like medicine prescriptions, so that we can remain less empowered, and it’s easy to manipulate and enslave us. Mind is supreme. Might. That is why it can develop a power as powerful as nuclear power! Come to think of it. It’s not illusion, it is what your mind chooses to see. The words on the photo are what makes you think otherwise, otherwise what you saw at first was the truth.

Yea 911 was an inside job, the first moon landing was a fake, Education is a scheme of producing mind controlled mammals that can’t question power… What other ‘illusions’ do u believe is not mere conspiracy.:smiley:

why do you see red tho?This pixels have been completely drained of any red its grey and green.
the brain knows that the color of the object is more useful than the color of the light for actually determining the color of the object. So it’s trained to ignore information from the color of the light, your mind recognizes the objects as strawberries, and it knows that strawberries are red
count the girls count the legs [SIZE=1](hint:black ripped jeans)[/SIZE]
whats wrong in the picture?..besides the flat asses,SIZE=1[/SIZE]https://static.independent.co.uk/s3fs-public/thumbnails/image/2017/09/15/14/6-0.jpg

this one is a doozy
There are 12 dots in this image. Can you see them all at once?
wenye wiko,oppo and other 5inch screens sijui kama mtaona
You should be able to see any dot you look at directly. But the ones in your peripheral vision pop in and out,that’s because humans simply don’t have very good peripheral vision kama ya animals and insects


this one is easy …what do you see? Not every one can see IT though,your brain just guesses and fills up the rest of the details

Wah! now that nimeona ziko upright I’m trying to see them facing down na I can’t no matter how hard I try. How is that possible?

let me help you with that.
the human eye can comprehend the opposite of what the brain perceives
… now carefully look at the plates on the right side without flicking your eye on the left.
they will resume their upside down shape

Simply amazing

weka title ya thread ikuwe ya kuosha macho.