I have recently taught my gf to become aroused by the scent of my fs. It is to the point where she becomes completely excited when I cut the cheese and often asks me to ft in her face when we are intimate. I tease her by eating refried beans in kibandiski and then ft all day long. She begs me not to because it turns her on too much and she cannot stand up in public after I fart near her because of the nyege. One of our hottest fantasies was where i wore a latex hood and I ate several bean burritos and farted inside of the latex hood. All she could breathe where my farts. My fs were her oxygen. Spice up your relationship by eating lots of spices:):):):slight_smile:

meaning she got a hard on na hakutaka ionekane

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Kumanyoko, MEFFI!

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dont be stupid

Niaje Bingwa?



Bur of cos:rolleyes:…

:eek: :oops::oops:Do i call u stupid when u are all over town pickin low end hookers in SJ and River Road?

[INDENT]Bingwao_O? Sorry love im taken but will def consider you next time…:-* ill be ur champion and ill hold ur hands to cloud 9[/INDENT]

Chunga nisikufungue boot leo:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


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oh man :confused::confused:

Aki na mnasema huyu ni Mimi?

Watu Mimi Nina dini bwana

Hata hiyo girlfriend anayesema sina

The invasion of gay retards

Schools open next week

No I don’t give a ****

@Mundu Mulosi ban this piece of chieth vile uliban ile handle ingine