Farouk Kibet: The new Thomas Cromwell ?

If he plays his cards well he might achieve more than Nancy Gitau or Nicholas Biwot

I think he’s achieved more than Jimmy Wanjigi

He’s effectively the gatekeeper to the Royal Court hapo Dennis Pritt.

I hope he’s read The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli or 48 Laws of Power

éminence grise


These are the guys who really enjoy power. Because they are not accountable to the electorate

By the time he’s done, He’ll be in power about the same time as Biwott. 20 years. Difference is Biwott was more powerful.Back then there wasn’t alot of scrutiny.They were untouchable.
No internet, no cellphones, an all powerful NIS and provincial administration, Zero KRA, Weak judiciary. No vernacular FM stations. Only KBC radio and TV etc.
Biwott could summon ministers and scold them. But for sure Farouk and ‘Engineer’ Sudi are the new “deep state”.

the Presidents men .

Now this one and sudi will mess up your day if you step on their toe.


[SIZE=7]Farouk Kibet: The man likely to wield power in the shadows during Ruto’s tenure[/SIZE]
Wednesday, September 07, 2022
President-elect William Ruto’s long-term aide Farouk Kibet.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group
By Collins Omulo
Nation Media Group
If there is anyone who has already emerged as among the power brokers in President-elect William Ruto’s administration, it is his long-term aide Farouk Kibet.
While stories are told in secret about the abrasive conduct of Dr Ruto’s right-hand man behind the scenes, he recently publicly demonstrated that he is not reluctant to wield power.
During the UDA party leader’s first public appearance as President-elect on Monday, Mr Kibet was all over at the victory ceremony barking orders here and there.

Dressed in a floral blue shirt matched with beige khaki shorts, the former Wareng councillor painted a picture of a man fully in charge.
[SIZE=6]Master of ceremonies[/SIZE]
From shepherding the President-elect’s children to the podium to shuffling guests during the photo session with the President-elect, he was the undisputed master of ceremonies and he relished the job.
With gusto, he shepherded a governor here and a senator there, and all seemed to take cue without protest, a pointer to his influence.
While his actions appeared to have been his task in public rallies and closed-door meetings, his theatrics on Monday gave the first glimpse into how the new administration will run, leaving no doubt that Mr Kibet will be constant feature.
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As the former deputy president’s date with destiny as regards the top office in the country drew closer, Mr Kibet moved out of the shadows and was all over during Dr Ruto’s political events.
He would often be seen controlling speakers and operations at such events, with the UDA national delegates congress in Kasarani in March offering a perfect example.
At the event, Mr Kibet rushed to the podium to direct UDA chairman Johnson Muthama on what to do and literally took charge by standing behind the speakers.
[SIZE=6]Hovering around[/SIZE]
During the unveiling of the UDA party leader’s running mate, he was also in charge hovering around to make sure nothing went amiss.
Mr Kibet’s dalliance with Dr Ruto began way back in 1997 as the succession of President Daniel Moi began and after the collapse of the infamous YK92.
He emerged as a vocal youth leader in Rift Valley hanging around the former Eldoret North MP.
He would later be nominated as a councillor in 2002 with the help of Dr Ruto as he slowly warmed his way into his political back room as a grassroots organiser for his boss.
[SIZE=5]As Dr Ruto’s presidential journey starts, the baby-faced Mr Kibet will be the man to watch, and watch-out for.[/SIZE]


Farouk plays the most of dirtiest of roles.

He has blood on his hands. Cross Ruto, an farouk and his squad will send you to your maker.


Compared to Biwot, Wanjigi and Nancy Gitau, how ruthless is Farouk?

we all have such dudes in life…dudes who you will fuck a whore in front of while he is holding the shuka so you wont be seen:cool:problem with kenyans and kikuyus in particular we dont love/reward loyalty…i give jsks a thumbs up for his loyalty to the fella

Ask Jakob juma

Hakuna kitu kama loyalty ni interest that align and match,kama sio kua karibu na baba Abby he would be a peasant but he is a mbillionaire so it’s a win win situation for both men

the fact that their interests have been aligning since 1997 says alot about loyalty

For sure Kibet is the total man aka modern Biwott.

The presidents men are: Gachagua, Kindiki, Davies, Farouk & Sudi.

Hakuna mambo ya loyalty hapa ,ni a situation ya " why re invent the wheel yet the current wheel is working perfectly" for both men

Nancy Gitau ni ruthless?

Stop! tafasali

:D:D:D:D:D…naona ulipona lumpy skin disease ya kidole,sasa uwache kuchokora the land that the sun don’t shine.

he will be the unofficial state house comptroller.

Kumbe this the infamous him. Finding pleasure in sin and evil. To each his own.