Which is the best place to lease land for farming within a 50 kilometers radius from Nairobi? I am currently thinking of farming as a side business, but I don’t have the land. I need land (5 acres at least), in an area with excellent climate and good soils for farming. Which area do you know of, and how much do they charge per acre? Someone’s got to feed the nation and I think it is my turn.


How much do they charge per acre?

You can also feed the Nation through value addition of agricultural produce…

nyahururu 3hr drive from nai

You may have to stretch your radius to get 5 acres. You could try search between Isinya and Kajiado

Vile @4makind amesema hapa juu

3 hours is too far. I need a farm where I can drive to in a maximum of 45 minutes.

Try Ndeiya, Limuru.

Come i take you to kikuyu sides… Place called kamangu…

Write your reply…nairegia enkare near ntulele.

Admin, whom did you contract to renovate the village?

You have a tonne of ambition. That’'s one of the many requirements for farming. But to be honest, ‘excellent climate’, ‘good soils’ and ‘50km from nrb’ sounds so 1963.

Kahawa farmers area.

Uko uta panda but kuna wa kuvuna

Depends, just employ a local achunge

Buy or don’t buy or take a credit, nobody can choose for you.
Only one thing though - if you choose to buy it, don’t start being twonk. If you find your dream house but it lacks the land then the neighbouring farmers might sell you an acre or two: you will inevitably pay above the going rate to extend your holding . Also, you should think before about machinery and equipment what you have to buy for a successful business. From my experience I would make firstly the sheds for everything to not keep the expansive equipment on the sky. The feedlot covers should be the best solution for you.