Farming on Leased Land in Narok

Am thinking of starting this next season and i have a few questions. Tafasari nisaidieni na majibu ya haya maswali,

  1. Availabilty of Land for lease & best location.
  2. Cost of Leasing per acre
  3. What is being planted this season and what is the best seed to plant next season
  4. Availability & cost of seed
  5. Cost of Ploughing, Harrowing & Planting.
  6. ETC

I will answer No. 7
7. Do I really know what I want?
You dont! A fool and his money Will soon be parted. You are going there. If you cannot answer No 1-5 yourself by now, it’s not a business you Wanna do. It’s not from your heart. You will not be able to sustain it. You need to be am authority of the idea.

In other words, you want to be a briefcase farmer but you don’t know where to plant, what to plant, how to plant, and when to plant…

That is recipe for failure

Ukulima haufanywi kwa kutumia simu. Kama hauna majibu ya hayo maswali tano hauko tayari kujitosa kwenye ulingo wa ukulima. [SIZE=1]Enyewe kiswahili ni foreign language [/SIZE]


jamaa land kama ni viazi ni 7k wheat 5k per acre
unataka gani hubwaa hii

wewe ni mbroker…shetwani mweusi!

Money and it’s fool are soon parted.
Will you even know when to harvest or you’ll be back asking for signs to look for when the crop is mature?

land ya kulease viazi juu ni 2 seasons per year ni 8k
ya wheat juu ni one season ni 5 k per acre
unataka Nairegie Enkare ama wapi taka taka!

Uza tu mtura.

To answer #1
Target next year season and look for land to lease around October later this year.Saa hii mashamba yote ishachukuliwa.But you can look out for those who leased but are unable to proceed with planting

#2 Lease ranges from 6-7k

#3 and #4 Narok watu hupanda wheat or maize.Most people buy wheat seeds during harvest.You will get the seeds currently but at a higher price.

Bei ya kulima ni manageable


actually targeting maize or wheat…viazi too much pressure

Thanks @Kimakia for the encouragement and insight. I have decided i will try this out hata zikipotea za wanaume hupotelea kwingi. i have a friend who started small and now he is at 300 Acres.

that’s the spirit jamaa. Ingia na miguu zote chubwii lakini mahindi ni tricky miaka kadhaa watu wameungua viserious.

Land is available after every harvesting period i.e October and November. Location I suggest from Narok South, some region called Mulot heading towards Ololulunga to Narok town, the way to Duka Moja or something like that.

Am familiar with wheat, its 5k per acre a season. Though the price has been increasing over the period. Therefore you might want to consider 6k per acre in your budget.

Stuff is available throughout the year, except the price is varying. For a bag of 50kgs wheat seed, am not sure whether it depends on the variety, it costs 3200 for dressed seed, cheaper for non dressed, with the risks higher for non dressed.

Here is the trickiest part. You just can’t go for anybody who does the mentioned activities. For instance, in ploughing, if you go for disc plough or mould plough, you’ll only be ploughing the top soil which has been used over time, compromising on the soil fertility. You’ll have to plough deeper. You’ll have to go for ripper. Price of ripping per acre depends with who’s ripping, from small tractors with less power doing it at 1800/- per acre to huge tractors of 550+hp doing if for 2800/- per acre but quality work. Harrowing and planting its 1500-1800/- per acre.

What I see being planted all over the place is wheat, maize and beans. Ain’t no best seed to plant certain seasons, just go with what’s best for you. I suggest maize because of the costs involved .

Those are just by the ways. You haven’t thought of the chemicals, weeding and of course, shiny eyes ( read locals) are always ready to harvest for you if you show any sign of being lazy ( not providing security) Think about it.
PS: The prices indicated here arent 100% correct. Approximate your prices by rounding off the figures mentioned here to the nearest thousand

All people i have met always discourage me. I may also dip one day.

i think the strategy is to go for bigger acreage in order to break even and earn a something.

i think the strategy is to go for bigger acreage in order to break even and earn a something.

I don’t want to break your heart my fren but the truth is if you are doing it because you saw your friend do it and succeed, don’t. Hiyo pesa peleka sabina joy at least utaleta hekaya. You need a solid plan and a major part of that plan is your direct participation. Otherwise utakamuliwa na ujengee wanaume manyumba na uwanunulie boda boda and you’ll be back here in a few months telling us how farming is bad.

They don’t discourage you. They probably tell you a truth you don’t want to hear.