Fareed khimani

for those who have been bored by unrelatable annoying mediocre morning presenters, the big kahuna is back on nation fm 96.3fm. It is in the initial days hasnt yet gotten a perfect co host perhaps Laura walubengo is headed there


recycling dinosaurs seems to be the norm in Kenya. let these guys in media groom fresh talent and take a more productive back seat role in this industry. jameni watu watakuwa wakijire-invent mpaka wafike 80 ilhali kuna talented yut-dem

talented ni akina Amina,Andrew kibe, kamene Goro? Heri dinosaurs 1000 times

watoto wa siku hizi hawajui what good radio is

yeah times change, market evolves listeners wengi are younger gen na watu mashinani. a majority of city folk think everything in Nairobi represents the whole of Kenya.

Tony msalame, go rent a pond, muthoni bwika, feel my toes, dusty rodes., Marcus, Leo fire. when radio was radio sio woofer…

TT Nabwana, classic Rhumba .this guy really knew his job

Gakenia Kahindi,John karani,Nuhu Bakari, D n K. proper voices on radio

On Saturdays on my way to the shamba I find myself listening to Fred Obachi’s Roga Roga show on rhumba. You have to know your shit and be the best at it

Marcus and Leo were the bomb them days, Over Drive @capital FM any time…

@introvert Come join your fellow fossils in a nostalgia wankfest

Plus Tony Patty the kalasinga

HBR 103.5 GMITM show does it for me

nick ndeda,mike mondo and munganga mbuvi anytime

Watu sun downer tuketi wapi ,those were the days yawa.

tuko hapa na tuko strong na catherine Ndonye

Inagonga kuwa sponsor kama sisi

Na wale wa riddim base with Jeff and Stano?

Na akina John Abong’o Jr. I still remember the voice of the late Nzau Kalulu. I must tune in ikinipata kwa jalopy