Farasi ni MOJA!


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He will never ever ever…since 1982 sumbuaring us. Noo nooo wacha niseme what I know. Holding the Kaundry at ransom, by fleeing to South Africa. Hiyo kitu iliniuma tuu sana, still hurting from it. Holding masherehes in parallel with our Muthamaki. Gadamit Uhuru is vvv patient. Exposing imagined corruption scandals while he is a dirty as can be. Demanding so many many changes that will now bite his big black arse. So much more na bado haja sema he will concede if he loses NKT. Uhuru has said he will step down ASAP if he loses.
Furthermore, he has costed us young voters the chance of looking for other candidates huko Western.
Uhuru TENA.


Lakini you are voting for him by being away…so stop hyperventilating.

By the way, hi gal. I can see what you are wearing, dare me…

Go on dude uhana atia? how am I voting for him? I just want him out of our political scene. Nimevaa nini?
I explained my reasons for not turning up kwa debe on another thread. Lakini you never visit other threads.


Kirinyaga ni minji minji

Lakini si tuseme ukweli. Kirinyagans are hidiots for voting this woman in. I hate her because she dealt my Jubilee Party a big dent with her scandal. Furthermore, I have heard from folk that have worked with her back in the day. Ati she is a real bish and cannot even do the job. She just uses men to make her way to the top.

Case of using what she has to get what she doesn’t have?

Prolly. What is shocking is that she is gunning for gavanaship where the money is!!!

MF thread

If these Kirinyaga guys don’t use their small heads to think, then ndengu ndengu should actually clinch that seat and propel the County to great heights…but that is akin to wishing that Canaan (as imagined by Jakuon) exists.

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I hear. We are praying for you all Kenyans out there. The least we can do. Have a feeling that peace will prevail.