Farah Maalim captured on tape inciting Somalis against non locals

We already know this. If its Jubilee member then its hatespeech. Let’s even get ICC, UN, Potus involved. If its opposition, let’s be silent because obviously its fake, allow investigation or why hasn’t Moses Kuria being jailed already. Corruption allegations in government is proof enough for sentencing and forget about due process set by constitution, let President Uhuru suspend, investigate, fire, prosecute, judge and imprison them singlehandedly. If its opposition, wamewekelewa, its their time to eat and they are being targeted for opposing Jubilee. Jubilee voting for UhuRuto is tribal but opposition voting for their tribal leaders is nationalism. Jubilee winning is rigging and opposition losing is riots unless they get nusu mkate. They are just a bunch of whinning hypocrites.


if its the luo counsel of elders, what they say is respected mark you they wanted to summon Nyongo over daughter’s picking fruits in a short dress. If its a Kikuyu counsel of elders its a bunch of drunk old men funded by a politician depending with his interests.


Kuria akisema “Voluntary male Circumcision” ni muhimu anawekwa ndani…MOH ikisema the same thing serikali ina allocate kshs.3bn for the exercise.

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Weka link then we do outcry. I’ll call a spade a spade.weka link and if it’s genuine I’ll be the first to criticize maalim mohammed. Just call me and I’ll come judge it .otherwise I’m just a passers-by

I salute you boss. As ‘Guks’ says, I’m pissed too when i see these overly exaggerated finger pointing. However, it could be a case of one side failing when it comes to propaganda, highlighting the failures, true or otherwise, of their opponents. Politics is a game of truths, half truths and outright lies as long as the ‘masses intelligence’ is taken care of.

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Its stupid what some of these leaders are saying . This will cost him. And he shouldn’t run with NASA.Its high time people have to take responsibility for what filth comes from their mouths. Imbecile maalim

MEANWHILE him and duale should face the same fate. Not one sided justice pekee

Acha kujirudia rudia. Delete some of these posts.

Shida na net, bro!

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funny enough,I had a dim eyed pal in 2013 who accused me of being tribal cus of voting TNA [i am not shiny though] .He considered himself a true nationalist for voting for welder.