Farah Maalim amaliza Odinga


If the former NASA coalition does not rebuild and nominate a formidable opponent against UDA, then Ruto will win it by 10am, even without the 90% central vote.


The funny thing is that they know this and will still not unite

Raira’s selfishness of always wanting to be the flag bearer inspite of mou’s with the flowergals will be their undoing.

you mean Raila? coz we all know it will be Raila

Raila is going to Bondo this time for good. After the defeat he will suffer a stroke and depart to the next world.

Tua mata macio. Kangocho tutithethaga…

Ucio ndingienda aathane kwaria ma!

Rais Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta ndio ata amua ifika 2022,hio kelele yote ni porojo.

Raila asimame strong. Free thinking Kikuyus will vote for him.

President Kenyatta term will end on 26th oct 2022 .Bado mapema lazima kuwe na referendum



Cambridge analytica wasahapea Raila game plan, ndio iko in play

This is very true. Kwanza coast, they have been voting tinga because of their hate for a kikuyu president. Now that there is none, Ruto will score big in that region.

This is just someone brainstorming. No actual facts.

Kikuyu?..Free?..wina ngoma gathee

Correct. He seems to lack the previous energy he has had.

Spot on!