Far Cry 5

I like how they experiment in this game with Various settings… Lakini 3 will always be my favourite. I hate killing animals for skins and collecting stuff. Let’s wait and see what this offers



hapo hauoni contradiction? farcry is bout that life you hate hehe
3 was also my favourite. the story plus Vaas aka Michael Mando…it got him the Better call saul role btw

hehehehe kuna point inachosha, kwanza killing rhinos in Far cry 4

nilikuwa na crush on huyu dem


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ndio hii extended Trailer


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hehe. Citra…that makes your ending predictable… btw nimelemewa na Shangri-la missions za FC4 niaje. i’m stuck at Key to the North so my map haijaopen up North navile kunakaa kuwa na missions noma

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The Game whose ending fucked me up was call of Duty black Ops 2. nilchapa Mason head shot and failed to capture defalcao

cant relate!

go back to your demakubaff thread. umetuona huko tukicomment umeffi???

Kusema cant relate ni vibaya? Mimi ni sufferer siezi afford hizi games.

@Deorro kwnai we huckeki nicreate threads [ATTACH]102812[/ATTACH] anyways black ops 2 had like 6 ending scenario[ATTACH]102811[/ATTACH] nilimpa woods or it mason headshot akadie boys wangu alihata nakumshooot kwa mguu akasurvive to the end with extra missions.mimi niliwin all of those missions you switch characters [ATTACH]102813[/ATTACH] ika affect cordis die guy.PLayed it again at veteran[ATTACH]102814[/ATTACH] kiazifail kadhaa kumbe base yenu huwa attacked.Thus plus having bots for local multiplayer is the reason I say its the best ever made cod.PLUS also you can play in the past with future weapons.[ATTACH]102817[/ATTACH]

wachana na Fanboy wa Demakufu

imagine if all talkers commented ‘cant relate’ on threads they cant relate with…hope you have your answer now

[ATTACH]102818[/ATTACH] The only problem is Red dead redemption 2 same time drop[ATTACH]102819[/ATTACH]

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Far cry 3 was my best got a cheat for unlimited ammo used to take out outposts na RPG at an elevated position 4 wasn’t bad either, primal bado sijacheza but hii 5 inakaa fiti Sana

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primal wasn’t well received juu ya Denuvo crap

You are a cheat…

What u have never used cheats on this game.[ATTACH]102822[/ATTACH]never ran out of ammo just need an Lmg and my long bow with all the various tips.You are missing so much fun[ATTACH]102828[/ATTACH] with unlimited ammo cheat[ATTACH]102827[/ATTACH]


Did you catch the fighting game championship [ATTACH]102831[/ATTACH]this weekend manze the first compes za new games huwa exciting[ATTACH]102832[/ATTACH] can’t wait for evo[ATTACH]102833[/ATTACH]




[ATTACH]102835[/ATTACH] One thing i respect about gamers is such shit like that sonicfox vs tekkenmaster …one is a muslim another is gay and no one gives a fuck[ATTACH]102834[/ATTACH] they here to play

cheats wachia GTA kwani nyinyi ni wale mnamwaga bullets fwaaa?
sasa game kama Arma 3 utaweza?

Even though unakuwanga na matampon kwa ngotha[ATTACH]102841[/ATTACH] but do you watch these vids [ATTACH]102842[/ATTACH]



fucking funny server got million views now huh[ATTACH]102840[/ATTACH]