Far away places in Kenya.

…which are the far away places you have ever found yourself living due to circumstances…especially job (kutafuta unga). and what were your experiences.

I go first…Tarasaa in Tana delta county…due to job. it was an experience will never forget.

Kinango, kwale County, remember drinking water from a water pan where livestock also go to drink n shit on the water, you got money which cannot help you but makes you appreciate the little things in life


… lengo lako? … au ni furaha waleta hapa?

been to all corners of this country, though a place like mandera, elwak for only a few nights at a time…lamu county tu bado wakati ningeenda kukatokea tafash…

You mean far away from home?

Garissa 2nd best town I’ve lived the heat at times was unbearable bottled water and juices /fruit drinks were cheaper and tasted sweeter than usual.

Sitting on the bridge was a popular way to pass time on Sundays.


ulikula nyama kwa kimanzi, beer maji club kwa wanjau?

Some places around kisum with some funny names. One was Usenge at the shores of lake victoria, na engine Akala na sio ile ya kuvaa.


I was staying with my father so hizo beer singefikiria but hapo chini ya bridge there was a hotel/carwash monkey zimejaa juu ya miti nyama tulikula hapo.


Lokitaung, Turkana. All roads leading there are on sand rivers

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…yes…working in a hardship area…makes one appreciate a lot…n it explains how money is kind of meaningless.


Lived between Bisil and Lianai (along the Nairobi-Namanga road) for 5 months while working on a project which was supposed to only last 2 days for me. Men there will walk up to you and promise you the best mud-house in their compound, as many goats as you can take care of and all the milk you can drink as long as you let them take you in as their nth wife. Thats their pitch and they consistently run with it.

Also, I value my power-banks more than I value life itself after spending days (sometimes a week or 2 even) without electricity! ALSO, I learn new languages when I least expect it. ALSOOOOOOOOOOOO, I ate too much meat while I was out there and had to live on veggies for at least another half year when I got back!



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kumbe ni wewe niliona ng’atataek?

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poor sod!

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Ukunda for 2 years. A very long time ago. Our plot was near a small forest. I survived lots of siafu, one or two snakes, monkeys and a neighbour rumoured to have a jini cat.


@Mombasa ,faraway places inahusika aje na sex and relationships?

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…civil servant…posted in the wrong forum…ningepost huko general

mt kenya forest at 3600masl kwa ile grassland

Samburu a place call Donyo Uasin. Naked women and girls all over.