Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League Imerudi
create your squad guys
@vuja de or @kermit somebody kindly create a Kenyatalk League.
dont forget to place your predictions on the Kenyatalk Fantasy too
cc @Okiya and other members of the Squad


Wacha tumalize kununua wachezaji kwanza bwana mkubwa.

saa hizi ni testing mode and discussions tu za best options

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Sambamba.Nimetoka kuvinjari hiyo tovuti.

Yoh, I wanted to post a thread about this juzi but I don’t know shit about fpl. If you can, explain to me and other people who are also green but might be interested, it seems interesting.

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Morning @Deorro. Nifunze kuchesa hio fantasy.

@Deorro @admin Mimi I just want one suggestion implemented. For a completely wrong bet mtu apewe minus 1 point.

I joined fantasy premier league last season but il try explain the best way possible. Ma Pro watanicorrect if am wrong.

1.All EPL players are listed with their playing position and price tag.
2.As a participant, you will be given ÂŁ100million to form a team.
3.A team has 15 players.
4.You cannot buy more than 3 players from the same team.
5.Some players cost more than others. So you have to spend your money well ndio isiishe.
6.Once done buying the 15 players, now select the first 11.
7.After each game week, your first 11players are given marks according to how they played.
8.You are at liberty to buy and sell your players as many times as you want bora you don’t exceed budget.

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The KTalk league already exists. Whoever created it aweke code hapa


I started playing the Ktalk league specifically due to an ignorant comment Deorro had made.
I wanted to make a point and I did.

and choose a captain. who earns double the points in a gameweek.

points omwami

you get 1 free transfer in a week. you can choose not to use your transfer in a certain week and let the free transfers accumulate. however, you can have only 2 free transfers even if you dont use for 10 weeks.
extra transfers deduct 4 points from your gameweek points

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as vuja deek said, the KTalkers fpl league already exists.
for joiners, when the time is ripe I will create a thread where the KTalkers fantasy league invitation link will be posted.
since the premier league starts on 13th Aug, this might be on 12th Aug. kaa macho.
for the old boys, see you on 13th Aug.

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@kermit Thanks 4 the info. Iyo ya captain earning double points nimejua sahii. I used to hear presenters on capital FM being very happy that their captain in fantasy football scored but sikujua why they were overly excited.

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You are too slow

Am learning, trust me.
But I always remember.

:D:D:D:D:D i think you don’t get me

@Okiya hebu weka average points per game for last season’s prediction league. huyu mjamaa amejichocha sana

And I suspect neither do you.

code ya iyo league iletwe tuingie

Ndio hiyo ranking ya last season using average points per game