Fanny Fondler Behind Bars

A Nairobi court on Friday sentenced a man to one year in prison for touching another man’s buttocks.

Appearing before Senior Principal Magistrate Philip Mutua, the accused - Christopher Kinyanjui - was found guilty of unlawfully and intentionally touching his neighbor inappropriately.

The Kibera-based court sentenced the 32-year-old to one-year imprisonment or pay a fine of Ksh.50,000.

The man, who hails from Kanyariri in Kiambu County, had charges dating back to July 11, 2014 where he was accused of sexually abusing a victim who was a casual worker.

He denied the allegations and was acquitted by the court on the grounds of lack of sufficient evidence to prove the case.

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This is historically epic in the annals of Kenyan Jurispudence given we are surrounded by prominent thieves , killers , political thugs , “Hustlers” and all manner of peddlers of impunity …

Would be nice if our legal system went after real criminals and focused less on peeping toms , Matatu Touts and chicken thieves … :D:D:D