Fancy a Nissan Note, Nismo Edition?

Nissan note nismo edition
1500 cc year 2016 automatic transmission
With bodykit na aftermarket wheelz
For more info inbox me or through Bingwa Motors and Realtors on facebook …unit in japan
$7000 c&f

I will ask again.
What do people find attractive about that car?
The damn thing is nowadays all over the roads in Nairobi.

mcoondu unanichomea hustle

I think the body kit helps. It looks way better than the stock

Who does body kits like that in Kenya?

Oakley Auto Solutions 0725112506

Loving the design. If only it had a manual transmission with a turbo

Wewe,sio kila mutu ni mbirrionea:D:D:D

It’s a nice car, performs well. The price was good last year as compared to Toyota, actually the guys who bought it early last year before election got the car for 550k.

Choda fabricators

mcoondu unanichomea hustle

Many buy such cars because of pricing. It’s not about taste

Note beats vitz on interior space

I vile tu almost everyone i know hates Nissan.
Sijui walipoteza mwelekeo wapi but they had good cars. From the datsun 510, the skyline and the beautiful silvia s15

Nissan lacks universal quality standards that can be attached to the brand, you have to deal with specific models where you enter into a hit or miss ping-pong.

I have a friend who owns it …spends a thousand bob in three days to and from work that is to town .

Sasa unataka Ku re-introduce Mediatek Vs Snapdragon kind of wars :D:D:D

these moti is cool sema maslay queen kudandia lyk every day…fuel economic…free ride kesho for everyone