Famous Stage-managed Accidents In Kenya

Barack Obama Sr

On the night of November 24, 1982, while still working on a plan to revitalise Nairobi’s transport system, Obama Sr left for Kaloleni to drink with friends. He then left for home. On the way, he crashed into the stump of a giant gum tree and died on the spot.

“We found him sitting by the steering wheel. (The car) did not roll. So after it was said that he had hit the tree, we just had to believe it, because he could not talk back. We really didn’t believe it was a real accident. Because his body was never broken, his vehicle was not badly crushed. He was just dead after the accident. Not even much blood was seen,” Sarah Obama is quoted in The Bridge, a book by Firstbrook, detailing Obama’s life before he became president.
Long before his death Obama Sr had grown critical of the Kenyatta government, and for that he was sidelined. In a paper he penned in 1965 for the East African Journal, Obama wrote a harsh critique of the Mboya-Kibaki engineered Sessional Paper No. 10, which laid the basis of the country’s economic policy.


Pick Up That Obama Snr Died In

While the Sessional Paper rejected the classic Marxist philosophy then embraced by the Soviet Union and some European countries, it argued that centralised planning should define common farming lands to maximise productivity and should defer to tribal traditions instead of hastening individual land ownership.

It was this brash personality and loud-mouth nature that saw him sink into alcoholism and deeper into disillusionment and despair. The whisky-fuelled rages, brutality and drunk-driving became his signature.

Kitili Mwendwa, Kenya’s first black Chief Justice - Lania

Kitili had left his office on Muindi Mbingu Street at 2.30 p.m. in an Alfa Romeo car and headed for his home in Gigiri.
He then changed the Alfa Romeo for a red Lancia registration KSK 736 for the trip to his Chania Farm in Thika. His mission to Thika was to pay his workers and meet his farm manager and business partner Palle Rune. But the journey ended when his car reportedly swerved off the road, rolled and landed on its roof in a ditch.

He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Thika hospital.

Mr Rune, his business partner of 15 years, said a lorry driver whom Kitili had overtaken said he found his car parked by the roadside near KU and he was checking tyre pressure by kicking them.


“Minutes later, Kitili overtook the same lorry but rolled 100 metres ahead,” Mr Rune, who is now based in Mombasa, told the Sunday Nation. “The fact that he went round his car kicking the tyres is an indication that there could have been something wrong with his steering wheel,” he said.

He also does not understand why he ended up in Thika instead of Nairobi.

Ronald Ngala, the Power and Communication minister

Ngala had been expected to attend Jamhuri Day celebrations on December 12 but changed his mind and decided to travel by road to Mombasa.

Although no one really knew the reason behind the Coast political kingpin’s sudden change of plan, there were allegations that he was annoyed by his 22-year-old second wife for failing to fly to Nairobi as agreed.

Thirty-five miles from Nairobi, his driver lost control and the car overturned three times.

The driver told the inquest that he had swerved to avoid hitting an animal but his account was doubted by other witnesses who claimed that he had initially told them that he lost control after bees flew into the car.


Nevertheless, a Good Samaritan recognised Ngala and drove him to Machakos Hospital.

An Israeli doctor, upon examining the politician, referred him to Kenyatta Hospital for treatment of his head injuries.

In Nairobi, Ngala, who was known to suffer from diabetes, slipped into a coma but gained consciousness the same day.

It was later discovered he was bleeding from the brain, which later led to multiple organ failure and eventually caused his death.

Anglican bishop Alexander Kipsang Muge

Bishop Muge was one of the many marked men. One of the Kanu hawks who had issued threats against the bishop was then Cabinet minister Peter Okondo. He had warned the bishop that should he step into Busia, he would not leave alive.

But Bishop Muge was not a man to take such threats. He was committed to the justice he lived and died for and he believed in speaking the truth.

On August 14, 1990 he decided to go to Busia for a crusade. On his way back to his Eldoret base, the outspoken cleric died in a mysterious road accident.

Observers and commentators did not miss the point of the threats that had been issued before his death. But that was as far as they could go.

Bishop Muge’s death was attributed to an ordinary accident. The driver of the “killer vehicle” was jailed for dangerous driving but died after serving five of his seven-year sentence.


But now Mr Khwatenge, who worked in Eldoret at the time, says the theory of an ordinary accident was only a cover-up, or even “an accidental” cover by the government for a murder well-planned and executed by agents of the Intelligence service. And that’s the testimony he so badly wants to tell the Kiplagat commission.

“This was an induced accident,” the former policeman told the Sunday Nation.

According to him, days before the bishop died, four Special Branch officers from Nairobi arrived in Eldoret with specific orders to “finish the bishop” who was becoming a thorn in the flesh for the Moi regime.

“When Mr Okondo talked, he wanted to be seen to be so loyal to the President. As far as we in the Intelligence knew, he was not part of any scheme (to harm the bishop). Muge knew his life was in danger but when he heard Okondo saying that, it confirmed his fears so he dared them and went there.”

They started by trailing him to Busia. Surprisingly, Mr Khwatenge said the agents did not make attempts to hide it from their victim that they were following him.

They hurled insults at the bishop and made middle finger gestures every time they overtook his car just to annoy him.

George Saitoti Helicopter Crash

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Was Sarah Obama living in Nairobi? Obama senior was a drunkard and was a threat to no one politically. That is why nobody knew him before his son became senator

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