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Wages of patronizing monkeys na kuwazalia. She wasted her ovaries and 9 months on this monkeys now they kick her out with a 3 months old baby in the middle of the night. Gorilla doesn’t even care about his own blood. Kama huwezi zalia wazungu heri ukae tuu bila kuzaa. These orangutans ain’t shit. Then after pump and dump they blame you for being a single mother. Call you all kinds of names when you could have just gone to the sperm bank and got a white man’s kids if you want children that badly. Pole mum but we’ve been warning all women to say no to the black man’s seed bcz it’s inferior and black dads especially of this age don’t know what being a man let alone a dad is about.


Is your dad white? If not deactivate your account na utoke hapa

@TrumanCapote is the female Ruckus :


Nimalizie kabisa huyo pale skin crusader

such coonery from Truman kapanty

Do you know what this monkey dababy wrote on his social media, ati I choose to nut in you and get you pg bcz you will make a good single mother. FYI this is the model monkeys of this age are following. They get several women pg then they blame them for being single Moms.