Famous administrator/ mod

Let’s put it to a vote.
This ghaseers once posted a poll on who is famous talker ,today let’s vote them out and choose one outstanding MOD.
I vouch the Ninja with this altitude below:D:D[ATTACH=full]378126[/ATTACH]

Turedio ako shojo


The voting has commenced with mgtow battalion slowly voting one of their own ([SIZE=1]old monk)[/SIZE]

@Old Monk all through, by saa mbili kesho anachukua

My supporters mko wapi?

Supporters wa @Electronics4u kujeni , kesho saa mbili kila mtu atakua na karedio

[SIZE=5]Huyo ni maragoli @uwesmake [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The day I get promoted to moderator @uwesmake atajua maana ya bottom up. Nyang’au atakuwa anaangamizwa on-demand.[/SIZE]

@patco Kuja na all your 30 handles you vote for your bff @Purple

Amekuwa akitaja ile handle yako ingine ovyo ovyo, especially things to do with homosexuality

[SIZE=5]Skinny man hapo umeongea. @Purple has got to be the most level headed out of all other ngombes sorry I meant moderators.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Very eloquent and cordial unlike other ngombes sorry I meant moderators.[/SIZE]


Am voting for Zambarau herself @Purple. Ako straight up lakini when she brings videos za preachers wa kiroho gangster points out the door.

I could have voted the [COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]Colour [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]but mtu anafukuza mzee hata kama hiyo ni personal, apan tambua

Wote ni meffi in my eyes

Msinianguche wadaus.

weka link

@njoti is encouraged to vote :Dand contribute using his points as illustration.

MOD natambua in the internet ni @deorro , MOD of the decade . si hizo ngamia umeweka hapo wanangoa safisha mecho ovyoovyo

@Juliana Nzaumi kwa senate

I fully support

@Old Monk kuja nanganya huyu jamaa 10 likes kama fine