Familia ime kua kubwa… Expecting baby no 4 and am thinking of a bigger car that will accommodate Bibi, bwana, 4kids and hse girl.
A 7 seater ndio nataka, which can you advise
[li]Toyota Noah[/li][li]Honda Stepwagon[/li][li]Mazda Biante [/li][/ol]
I don’t care about resale value

Nissan Serena

4 kids in this economy, what are you thinking??! Get the Noah…good luck.

Think Nissan Elgrand

[ATTACH=full]159879[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]159880[/ATTACH] Try Toyota Alphard, utapenda. Price tag, 950k -1.5m

Tusafishe mecho na picha ya bibi

 labdani rushe ya kunguru :D:D:D:D

ameitisha advice ya gari, sio ya family planning ama harambee.
OP- get the biante

Hadi handbrake iko na kiti yake:eek::eek::eek:…ama ni mecho chafu:D


IIwanyedI I

I wanted to recommend this one too. Its a good ride, my wife had exactly one like this 2 years ago

:D:D:D Ni mecho yako bana, check vizuri.

useless car.

Asante bro :D:D:D:D

Toyota Alphard anytime all the time.

950k ni wewe …Alphard must be from 1.8m na huko

Nunua Mazda

Who factors in a house girl in such?

QUOTE=“Bingwa Scrotum, post: 1517693, member: 1073”]950k ni wewe …elgrand must be from 1.8m na huko

Depending on the condition, MORON.

will the car also be your daily drive, if so I would rather you also consider the compact suv which should hover around the same price as the above mentioned, the back seat might be squeezed but if you only use it once a week kids will be ok with that, look at the seven seater xtrail ama outlander.

For the above mentioned cars, just keep away from the 2 liter versions.

Depending on the condition, MORON.

Who buy cars used in Kenya on here?