Family Of Drunk Idiot Claim $$$ For His Suicide..

After an arrest by security officers at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in the United States, Waweru Mwaura who was a Kenyan immigrant returning to his motherland, allegedly committed suicide in unclear circumstances on November 30, 2018.
In a report by The Dallas Morning News, Mwaura was arrested at the airport by police officers on charges of driving under influence and was locked up at the airport cells where he hanged himself.
“Hours after his arrest, the 43-year-old hanged himself with his jeans. The Tarrant County medical examiner’s office ruled his death a suicide,” reported the newspaper.


According to the newspaper, on the day of his arrest, airport officials booked Mwaura at 11.45 am and did not show any signs of being suicidal during his evaluation.

During a check by airport officials at 2.51 pm, Mwaura was still alive, only to be found hanging by his jeans at 3.54 pm
The publication also indicated that Mwaura made frantic phone calls when he was arrested, including a call made 20 minutes before an official found his body hanging in the cell.

According to the lawyer, the Texas Administrative Code wasn’t observed as it recommends for face-to-face observation of an inmate every hour-or half-hour in situations where the prisoner is potentially suicidal.
An official at the airport also confirmed that inmates ought to be checked every 30 to 60 minutes and that officers on duty had missed the time to check on Mwaura by four minutes.
The lawyer also accused the airport of not giving enough information in relation to the circumstances that led to Mwaura’s death.

“The family isn’t alleging foul play by officials but wants to obtain evidence such as surveillance footage to reveal the truth.
“I think there needs to be an honest retelling of when the person who was checking on him actually checked on him, and that needs to be reflected by surveillance camera footage. Until we see that, I think there’s going to be a major transparency issue from this airport,” added the lawyer.

Mwaura went to the United States as a student and later settled and got married before getting a divorce.

Now look at this absurd comment:

[B]Jones Kivyu[/B] says:

Ooh my God, USA is not a safe place for Kenyan nowadays take care :D:D:D

"A woman who identified herself as his former mother-in-law later told airport police that Mwaura was previously suicidal because of his divorce. He was going back to Kenya for a fresh start, she told officials. "

He was probably taken to the “cleaners” during his divorce. Maybe had to pay child support, if he had kids, plus alimony.

Msee aliona hawesi vumilia kufunguliwa mkundu in US prisons

a pal of a pal of mine was in the same situation,married a white kunguru,got divorced moved country to country looking for job to no avail,something transpired in his farewell bash ,guy jumped but it was hushed to being drunk,sitting on a window pane four stories high blah blah blah…but later it was revealed as suicide after numerous voice calls and texts he made to friends were pointing to such .weird thing ,none of the calls was answered neither the txts replied on time

So saddening

Dude missed the memo…


The law is an ass, so it is said. If the airport security failed to notice suicidal tendencies and further failed to do a check up of the inmate within the scheduled time, the family has grounds for compensation. All the family needs to do is come up with medical records and the airport security department be compelled to produce cctv footage supporting their claim. There is no such thing as drunkard idiot, if he cannot be an example on how to recover from such addiction, he can be an example on why you shouldn’t fall into such adiction.

He wants to commit suicide awachie nani deni yake ya wachina?

Do you know that he had a family, brothers and sisters? Think about that before you call him a “drunken idiot”
You do not know his story, you don’t know what he went through. You have no idea.

So, if you have family you can’t be a drunken idiot…That’s all it takes?

In a report by The Dallas Morning News, Mwaura was arrested at the airport by police officers on charges of driving under influence and was locked up at the airport cells where he hanged himself.

Before you label anyone a “drunken idiot” get to know the facts first.
He wasn’t drunk neither was he an “idiot”