Family History in Marriage....

Are relations of the gal you want to marry this important? Shouldn’t you take her as she is? I have seen wonderful people with broken pasts.


This is true to some families but not all families, we have good clean hearts from broken homes.
But yes see mothers have immense influence on their daughters. So Kuna kaukweli hapa.

Ni very true. Nimeona mara kadha mother poorly influencing the daughter. Also mentality zingine she’ll pick from the mum regardless of how “roho safi” she is. Dem ameambiwa tangu akuwe mtoto men are trash now she’s supposed to stop believing that because she met you? You’re just a means to end (financial freedom and stability).

Mama @uwesmake has kids from different fathers lakini bado ana nipatie ndiasa yake nifyetue bila stress after kunilipa 20k

Njaterro you swore that we will never know peace hii kijiji. Kaeni Chini you bury your chokosh war.

Ignore the message at your own risk and peril.

Hapo ni ukweli

Avoid women from dysfunctional families. It doesn’t matter how roho safi she is.

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You go and try to be that outlier. We will wait. Patiently for your story.

Hapa Kuna ukweli mingi sana

Very true

mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka, mtoto wa singo mathat atakua singo matha

Marriage institution is under onslaught. Mke mwema hutoka mungu hivyo ndivyo tumefunzwa.

That makes 80% plus of our Kenyan women [SIZE=1]from cendro[/SIZE] unqualified for the blessing of having a husband.

Inakaa some fathers of villagers walikapitia na mabibi zao…hii mkurupuko wa ‘planteshen’ threads zimezidi:D:D:D
Sounds like broken families maneno

80% of that is true! I didn’t believe that 10 years ago, but the way the mother is the daughter will be exactly like that

Somehow true