Family Fun Spots

I wish you a happy 2018 Talkers.

As a new-year celebration activity, tomorrow I’m planning to take my family on a low budget trip around Nairobi County and its environs. I believe most of you have travelled more than I have, or have been to places I’ve never thought exist.

Which are some of the most memorable and fun-filled places you have ever visited that you would suggest to us?


What are the age(s) of the kids?

Without a doubt, Rock Beach Resort in Ruiru. Had an amazing time there. Kids would love the being at the beach feeling.[ATTACH=full]148054[/ATTACH]

Ade, I have countless threads here on this forum about fun things to do in and around Nairobi. I can’t recall the posters’ names but you could try typing in some searchwords and see what comes up. I know Deorro and incognitus normally input so you could inbox them if you like. The only place I can recall that comes up quite often is Karura Forest.

Ouru park

One 3 y.o kid, wife, and I.

Visit banta at utawala karibu na tumaini supermarket and let your kid enjoy to the fullest. Just a few meters away down there kuna fun world and also Triple Os. Thank me later

Banta has good space but the food isn’t as good as before. Fun City behind Tripple O has lots of Kids’ games

Just curious to know… is this courtesy that I knew many years ago

I don’t know about that

You can also try Destiny Garden Kamiti Road Ruiru. For the kid, since he is too young to use the kids’ pool, there are kid’s games including electric bumper cars and numerous other activities as well for kids

electric bumper cars like these below

[ATTACH=full]148103[/ATTACH] (this is not the place, google image)

These are the pools, the seating arrangement is around the pool and there are on duty life guards