Family car

Guys have been surfing the internet looking for a good family car.

Isn’t Mercedes Viano one of the best.I know it comes at a price but this is the best to have for a family.

that’s a fugly ride man

why go for a viano? am assuming you want a 7 seater, the fact that you want to go for a viano which will set you back in the range of 3M, means liquidity is not a problem, top up kidogo and get a Q7 or a VX ( just my thoughts )

Q7 and VX ni family vehicles?

If one tries hard enough, even the VW Golf 1.4 TSI is a family car. What is the size of the family?

Just go through its various reviews.I am sure you will have changed your opinion by then

Talk of 6 family members.Driving them occassionally for holiday to the outskirt of Nairobi.How comfortable would they be in a Golf

Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol, Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover, Toyota Alphard, etc depending on your needs other than hauling 6 family members for an occassional holiday in the outskirts of Nairobi

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when people say ‘family car’, they normally mean they want to ferry more that 4 passengers, so yes Q7 and VX are family cars based on how that term is used, they have the correct seating capacity

are you buying an ambulance? (my thoughts again) that car is ugly

Ongeza hii kwa list of options i.e if it must be a van. Otherwise for the same amount chukua disco 7 seater tdi;s=644x461;olx-st/_1_.jpg;s=644x461;olx-st/_4_.jpg;s=644x461;olx-st/_5_.jpg

Looks nice too but someone I know is seeking to dispose his citing fuel leak and electrical wiring issues

That’s interesting, who services it for him?

It is very new,not yet taken for service though he has talked to some Volkwagen specialist who confirms some of these vehicles have such problems.They recommend that he sell it off coz the repair journey may never come to an end

You mean showroom new or Ex Japan ‘‘new’’ .Kama ni ya showroom kuna warranty ama niaje.Anyway if you looking for 7 seaters you have so many options.

probably none of my problems but that sounds abit strange, has your friend checked that the fuel return is solid? and get a second opinion

btw dont trust many of these so called “specialists”, i once consulted one over a recurring AFS problem and they said "its a known problem with XYZ model especially year ABC ", sought a second opinion and problem was fixed in less than 30 minutes :D:D:D:D:D

It is an ex-japan

Oops itabidi ajipange .

TX Prado 2011+

Cardillac Escalade

Iko poa kama inaamshwa wakati wa outings and family trips only. lakini kama 90 percent of the time ni wewe unaenda nayo hapa na pale itakuwa ridiculous. you would rather have a long SUV with huge wheels kwanza na hizi njia za kenya itakuwa advantage hutawahi sikia bump ama mitaro na unaweza ingiza familia msitu nayo.