Those defending loggers and charcoal burners/sellers , watch and learn from the experts. Why we are in grave danger from runaway levels of logging



And he paid the political price. Why doesn’t he talk about may anymore

Reactionary as usual. kukinyesha it will be back to status quo.

Wise leaders would’ve taken advantage of the 2015 el nino and planted thousands of trees prior to the rains. So this is just empty noise.

Let us remember that Kenya as a whole has inadequate forest cover.
Even if Raila had his way in 2010 and stopped the deforestation in Mau, we would still have been in a big hole.
What these leaders should be doing is organizing local tree planting exercises. MPs should distribute seedlings to schools etc. and make it a culture to plant trees. Tobiko should now be able to facilitate this.

By the way when you look at tree cover by county, you see Raila’s backyard of Kisumu is the worst in Kenya with 0.4%, compared to the national average of 6%.



It’s crystal clear that rift valley have more than 10% cover.

NASA activists must do something about their regions in nyanza!

Instead of spending all day spewing activism of how RV has caused their rivers to dwindle.

Some of the areas quoted to have extensive forest cover are mere shrubbery and for that reason there are some places that have been historically and geographically plain grassland and others with real forest cover and also the soil type will determine whether a place is ideal for grassland or forest, how you propose all areas to have equal forest cover that is if it were possible without upsetting ecological balance doesn’t make sense. The question should be how do we maintain ecological balance that can benefit us all?

Brother, this matter is beyond NASA and Jubilee. Just try to get your thick head to understand this.

I thought Matiangi as the education minister had raised the quality of education, then I encounter this. Where are we headed as a Nation really?.

D- yake no ya pre matiangi

Why is no one mentioning the long and sustained campaign by the Maasai against the destruction of the Mau.
It reached a point they were violently removing encroachers from the forest but let’s pretend all that never happened and keep mentioning only one loser since it’s politically expedient.

Wangari Maathai is cursing us from her grave…I thought Global warming was noise back in Campus now i know the effects, Lets respect our environments dear Kenyans

Ecological balance kitu gani? Plant trees anywhere they can grow. Period.

Nature will lose many battles,but eventually it will win the war…

how long should he repeat it for you to hear?

I doubt anyone is defending the act of deforestation, the burning of Lorries is not a solution to the “cutting of trees”. The loggers\charcoal burners will get other methods of transport, bicycles, tractors and personal cars also carry a lot of charcoal etc.

I guess we need to deal with the issues of tree cutting, perhaps organise a distributed system of replanting. I.e. anyone with a licensed saw mill be required to run a tree replanting nursery supported via forestry; cut 1 tree replant 2 trees - Mandatory. Anyone in the trade, either selling timber or charcoal be enrolled to such a program, if found trading illegally harvested product - large fines Ksh 250 000.

In a nutshell distribute and support the responsibility of reforestation to the stake holders within the society.

Wow, this is like music to my ears. I must commend the media in the campaign against deforestation. It’s the news on everyone’s lips. All Kenyans must awake the Wangari Maathai in them. Together we can beat this!

burning vehicles is a major deterrent.

One more time dear :D:D:D