Fall of the Mediterranean Bronze Age Civilizations and Modern European Paranoia

Humans moved from stone tools and hunting and began to settle down to farm and graze animals, they discovered various metals and how to manipulate them. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin and has reasonable industrial properties that enable a variety of uses. Starting about 3300 BC, Several civilizations in the Mediterranean flush with farm surpluses among other innovations used this metal for tools and weapons. They also began the earliest forms of writing and statal organizations. They built cities and also came up with many gods. Chief of these civilizations was Egypt but then there were some fantastic island civilizations, some in mainland Greece and where turkey now stands. They had a symbiotic trade relationship and around 1300 BC all these civilizations fell resoundingly in one generation. The Egyptians survived this collapse but subsequent dynasties never regained the former glory. This sudden collapse collapse of a centuries-old civilization could be attributed to a number of factors and all these seem to have contributed to a modern European network of paranoid policies.

Bronze age civilizations suffered military defeat to invaders in part due to outdated techniques and tools – this explains the arms race-constant innovation to get battlefield advantage over perceived enemies. European weapons huwa juu tu sana.

Mitigation of climate change – Europeans are making the most noise about climate change because this may be the one to destroy them. They are obsessed with soil fertility which is a related factor as the agriculture based civilizations may have had declining harvest prior to collapse. Farmers in Europe have access to good machinery and fat endless state subsidies.

A mysterious people called the boat people beat up the bronze age kingdoms like ancient burukenges. Europeans are paranoid about invaders by sea and release a lot of this stress on hapless west African boat people trying to reach Europe for a better life. Paranoia about invaders gives Europe a very elaborated border security.

There could have been an epidemic that weakened the bronze age population – now they treat corona like a security threat and do extreme things like hoarding vaccines. and they are on the look out for the next epidemic.

related to epidemics are the Many many cataclysms such as earthquakes destroyed the civilizations – but was the cause part of religious reckoning? It can be estimated that the collapse of the bronze age coincides with the exodus of Israelites from Egypt. Were the plagues that befell Egypt because of the stubborn pharaoh be the cataclysms that accompanied the bronze age collapse, and could they also have affected the other trade connected kingdoms? Europeans seem fixated on events in the middle east and always try to control what happens there. They don’t want to be on the receiving end of heaven-sent plagues again. and so on…

Lakini Europeans hu reason ki upuzi. They come and steal our resources leave with us nothing and when we (Africans) want to go to their land to use those stolen resources they start bitching how they dont want immigrants in their countries after all werent they so obsessed with colonisation of Africa.

Why do they hate African immigrants?

Didn’t this fall coincide with the beginning of the iron age? Attributing it to the boat people is akin to claiming that the Romans were destroyed by the barbarians when we know that they were just the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Also from their historical texts, some walking people (who were not really fighting) came and contributed to the destabilisation. So, it could have been hordes of immigrants looking for food because famine was the most predominant issue around that time

The boat people could just have been indians or some other people in asia. i say this because they merged with the local communities and i dont see any odd physical feature because indians are essentially bona fide caucasians. the other very probable reality is that the original people of the land were exterminated by the boat people and what we see today as indo european people living i those areas are actually the boat people. the aggressiveness of the European and their sea faring travelling nature do support such theory. after all substantive european civilizations emerged just about the arrival of those boat people. the european likes moving about and it actually seems to be his nature.