Fake Steve Mbogo.


This has been doing the rounds online but I just saw it. From a cursory glance a keen eye can immediately tell its rubbish but the online community have really bought into it. The English is terrible for starters.

For instance, the author writes : “…disruptions and disturbances on their peaceful livelihoods.”

Hio ndio kusema nini? Sounds like something Babu Owino, Mbogo’s friend, would write. Amesahau this is a residential area and not a place where livelihoods are made.

Another example is the author writing, “…use of helicopter” instead of “use of a helicopter” , again something Babu Owino probably wrote. Ujaluo naingilia matamsi.

I say it’s Babu Owino because I highly doubt that Mr. Mbogo can even write.

‘…right to enjoy comfortable night sleep’ instead of, ‘…their right to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep…’

“… is continuing to inconvenience them and their families, yawa!” Definitely that sounds like Babu Owino.

Those signatures are fake. Walichukua the marker and the biros on their desk waka sign mbio mbio.

Even that postal address on the fake letterhead is questionable.

There is a Karen & Lang’ata District Association which is more or less the de facto resident’s association for that area. A very serious association the KLDA peopled by the rich and influential. The Karen Residents Association probably doesn’t exist. As does those individuals mentioned. They are made up.

All this in a bid to remain politically relevant.


You know what, I was juuuuust now in another group on WhatsApp explaining to a bunch of nitwits that this thing is as fake as a model’s tits.

I’m still trying but I think I’ll give in soon. I cannot imagine how people cannot interrogate something yet insist it is true. How do you determine truth without interrogation?

I think I’m going to go insane.


I never believed it one bit. Any document on this fella either purporting to paint him in positive or negative light is always suspect.

Remember this



Hata magazeti wamemeza. In Kenya you can get away with almost anything. A few years ago there was a young guy Rogie somebody who was being interviewed on tv especially Citizen Tv as an aviation recovery expert. He was talking about how he had flown to Malaysia to assist with the MH370 recovery. He even had an office and a very good set up for himself. Hata huyu chief witness on the Gakuru accident it’s just that he became too confident. And on the likes of Mutahi Ngunyi… wacha tu.


There is no news on general makei so now even a goat sneezing is prime time news. How then can you expect them to drop such a hot story??

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I remember that guy. A dark ass chap who sijui was contacted by the cia to break codes sijui nini… Githeri media was all over it.


Media ya mtaa hua haieleweki sometime. Hi kitu iko hata pale standard. So hakuna reporter amebother hata ku confirm from NEMA , huyo Steve ama hata hio Karen Residents Association?

I once ate top quality pussies for claiming to be Saitoti’s last born. Too bad we resemble. Slay queens realised when I had already taken my fair share. Dem days.




Sir Neo Roggi Joseph Branson


hahaha I remember this guy on the Malaysian plane. he is still doing his thing on twitter though. :smiley:


This is not new, even chef @Gio claimed that he cooked it


Na yule young mhindi alikuwa anaclaim kuwa billionaire ati ako na shares sijui kwa Fortune 500 blah blah.Hadi alikuwa kwa Jeff Koinange Live Kumbe jamaa hana kitu :eek::D:rolleyes:



But the girl is fine like hell

It seems we judged Steve Mbogo based on a lie in the other thread.
Steve Mbogo if you’re reading this I apologise.

Ule muhindi wa insurance to the masses? What was his name?

the email address for this fake association is [email protected] and the phone number has only 5 digits after the 020.

:D:D:D:D:D didn’t even bother to do a background check. and funny thing is, Sylvia Chebet interviewed chief witness pia.


his name is Heshan da Silva. After he was caught he went under.
But one time I saw him kwa passenger side of a very very clean goldish range rover.
then the stories came out…

Yes. That’s the guy! Complete with a girlfriend and claimed how he only spend 3k a weekend and doesn’t drink. What happened to him?