Fake News Covid death statistics narrative continues to collapse.

[SIZE=5]Like I have said before all these figures being given by the fake news are inflated figures.

It was all planned in George Soros’s basement or Hillary’s bedroom.

Even George Floyd whom they killed was counted as a covid statistic. He died via strangulated covid of the neck.

If Tyron Jerome Biggs shoots Lamonte Treyvon Jackson over a sack of rocks both negrumps are counted as Covid statistics by their Democrat governor. They shot each other but died from covid. Covid bullet induced haemorrhage disease. So unfortunate.[/SIZE]



And if they can cook covid figures then they can as well cook ballot figures. Filthy scheming liberal lawyers.

Patty si ulikuwa umehaha juu yacovid hapa due to underlying conditions zako, sasa unasema haiexist?

Si ungekuja tu na handle ya @Ndindu .

Ama hio huwa ume reserve for breaking news only?

Jan 20th

Unfortunately, you are dealing with very thick-skinned liars. Even when exposed, they continue with their agenda without pausing. Sometimes I suspect that the whole thing is spiritual, juu ukiangalia vile some people support the covid-19 narrative, unashindwa kuelewa.