Fake Middle class

Developing nations are being controlled by US via infiltration of their middle classes with non-government groups, USAID, educational resources, academic doctrines, cultural, non-profit & civil society groups. Soon their middle class votes for whoever US soft imperialists decide.


Any self respecting nation should ban that USAID aka CIA outfit



Upuss, tangu lini mido crass waka decide vote in shithole Kenya or Africa where peasants rein supreme with their tyranny of numbers.

middle class ndio wamekuwa wakijaribu ku push through homosexual na abortionnn agenda .all Marie stoppes should be burned up

Most Africans are incapable of critical analysis. Number of peasants outnumber that of “middle class” 40:1. Chukua number of voters in Kibera and compare with those from Karen and Langata then the picture starts clarifying.

Who makes policies, works for NGOs?

Last I check it’s a Dutch NGO that crafted the potatoes bill together with Kenyan graduates

yaani, usa wanalete prokopanda alafu watu wapotevu wakikula na kumeza, usa wanaleta candidate wao na anapigiwa kura

We will still consult for USAID…and in the evening insult US and Biden


Hatuelewani. I was addressing the notion that in an election, middle class fellows can vote in whomever they choose. Well, numbers don’t lie. Peasnays ni wengi kuliko middle class and elections being a numbers game, peasants can vote in anyone they want.

the voters in Karen and Langata vote for the same people the ones in Kibera vote for

And the poor are the least powerful because they have to vote to have a voice. The rich control the government and the middleclass work in the civil service. they have more power than the poor

Wrong. Take the 2017 gubernatorial race for example. Middle class na kuendelea wanted nothing to do with Sonko. However, peasants nao ni kina nani? They voted for him to a man.

Sisi hapa kangemi tutapigia Tim wanyonyi hadi achoke. Hapo dagoreti pia wanataka waweru arudi after KJ kushindwa na kazi…By the way uhurus cousin Beth mugo is remembered very fondly hio area…apparently she was a very good legislator…mtu wa watu

The middle class people who were Jubilee voted for Sonko. The few who voted PK were tribalist but it had nothing to do with performance. Tribe always comes first for them

Kitu sijawahi elewa ni considering this reality, why does the ‘midrocrass’ get so much flak about choices in the ballot na they’re vastly outnumbered?

Because they have power outside the ballot. they have big jobs in government and private sector. they can impact change more than the poor but they prefer keeping quiet not to upset their sponsors clients or bosses

china reduced these mind games kidogo… all hail chairman mao


hat’s ironical because most of the middle class and around Nairobi was actually created by USAID and NGO funds. Soe of the biggest employers and most stable are NGOs, which are meant to be targeting the middle class. THERE IS NO MIDDLE CLASS, they are the middle class. Honestly, international donors are getting scammed like crazy by briefcase NGOs.