Fake middle class wameanza kusota


Car loans lasma zilipiwe liwe liwalo:D:D:D:D

these are typical probox and voxy/noah driving Kenyan lower middle class citizens…they have never been pretentious…very hard working group…wale wabaya ni wenye wanalipa rent ya 150k na kupeleka watoto kule group of schools…those ones are still okay though…for now

ao watu nalima mashamba yao.Ngoja ona vile chakula itakuwa gharama

nothing funny there, people are just adjusting to make ends meet, ,some said they were taxi drivers but now they can’t operate at night, another one was a dj, another used to supply eggs to hotels, …others used to supply schools.
fyi, car loan shouldnt bother you when you loose your job, the bank will simply take it as is, uza spares weka gari juu ya mawe wakuje wachukue hivyo.

Kenyan “Middle class” has been fake since the beginning. People live lifestyles to impress others, but when shit hits the fan, these are the consequences, you only have yourself and your loved ones ( if your’e blessed to have legit ones)…live within your means, achana na ma loans

Acha watu wahustle

Dang ! ! ! Only a retard will rejoice in such a situation.

I don’t see anything wrong here, folks are just adapting and as the wise man once said change is constant

Hustle lazima bwana. Ni venye Wengi wetu huwa tunakuwanga na ile mentality ya ati mtu ako na gari hafai kuuza nguo, farm products etc etc, that is why we see the above events as odd.

Wacha watu wapige hustle bana. They are out of work because of circumstances beyond their control and have to feed their families.

Love their hassle hawa sio a guy my guy kind, this are my kind of people hakuna aibu kwa honest work !

Na bado…things are just getting warmed up.

The worst is yet to come , warm up, save money, live below your means…

Najua OP can afford to throw shade coz bado ako works. What I learned in life ni kwamba unaweza kuwa umejipanga but life just deals you a bad hand. I for instance kuna kazi nilikuwa nimeshika from April to June this year that had assured me donge nono. All contracts were signed just awaiting to move in then dang! Corona. Most of the new clients as well as the old ones were affected bigly and it wasn’t their own or my own making. Whattundu? Unangoja but in the meantime, you still respect the hustle hoping this will turn out well.

Boss had a worse failure than that 5 years ago, that’s when I learnt the art of money management. Went broke so fast I could believe it. So when I say its not out of spite or judgment but experience if anyone cares to listen in this anonymous forum

Billionaires wa hiyo area wameanza ku complain ati peasants wame invade their territory and are causing unnecessary traffic snarl up along that section.It’s just a matter of time wakanyagishwe kubwa kubwa

Nothing wrong with this. Its the product of an informal economy whereby most businesses have no structures and little regulatiions.

Do not make fun of it yet for you do not know how long this pandemic will be with us, you may think you are safe for now and you are not. If it persists even govt employees will be sent home

Exactly, that’s why you should be prudent with your finances coz it will be a " Financial Armageddon" in Kenya by June - July, I can bet my last cent

Let’s hope for the best