Fake Maasai honey

Have you experienced bowel movement after buying the Maasai honey.How is it taking you by the way.Has the thickness of your urine changed.
Are you passing very black and hard feacal(mai) matter.

There you are.You should know what hit you.

Read below to understand your predicament


This thread is shitty

hehe sinunuangi honey mimi

Unanunuanga nini?

kuma ya bibiako

Hata ile huuzwa super mi hushuku kuna elements za molasses ndani yake. Pure honey is something different from what is sold there.

I dont have a wife

I get my honey directly from kerio valley. Where honesty still survives.

You go to buy by yourself ama una tumana?,

You’d be surprised how immoral these people have become, unless you buy personally and insist to be given the best quality those ppl will still give you a substandard honey

Uncalled for.

First it would be vital to ascertain if hawa watu ni real “Maasais”

Some have gone to an extent of putting dead bees in the bucket to make it look like authentic honey.

Only God can save us.

Ya Baringo ni ya kweli?

These are newbies to this game, remember me telling you the ingredients, matoke, mchanga, inzi, wasp, molasses na mafi

Shait :D:D:D

He is being unnecessarily rude. I just said i dont buy honey.
only because i dont trust any.
but i agree that my comment is in bad taste.

hehe… izza man. ni kuteleza.


Mimi ata iandikwe Kitui honey na iwekwe nyuki mbili zimekufa hapo juu siwezi nunua.

Ukijipeleka marigat Na mogotio but hii inauzwa hapa makutano imechanganywa Na other things.

supermarket. …naivas