Fake Jameson fake now Johnny walker. Chan'gaa in the package elert

I decided to treat my niggas with this. Kufungua, the non-refillable cap is missing. The barcode displayed on the package is different from the one in the bottle.
Felt cheated, an urge to own a gun and shoot these kind of unscrupulous businessmen bacame real siiiieeeet!

Jaribu black, and be selective where you buy your alcohol. These numerous wines and spirits in the hoods are out to make a quick buck, and this is through such fakes. [ATTACH=full]96951[/ATTACH]

And you wonder why ya balls are shrinking… Cheap is expensive bro

Like you’ve been told up there, be selective about where you buy your WD40.

What’s the alcohol percentage? I’m guessing it’s 43%, right? If it is, no need to worry, most probably that bottle was sourced in South Africa, their alcohol bottles have no NRF.

Wueeh mimi siwezi meza kitu fake… Sahii sipping my 8th Guinness na sisumbui

It’s not a fake it has been sourced from a country where JW does not sell bottles with non refillable caps kama S.A.

Remember the ‘cork’ is meant to be a security feature to avoid counterfeiting.

Boss siku hizi hadi unga kuna fake. Sembuse beer? Uliza utaambiwa hadi beer flat ni fake.

Tell him. Hajui kuna guiness fake.

I bought a Gilbeys half in my locality about 3 years ago and the damn thing landed me in hospital with stomach problems.
I said never again.
I never buy any stuff from estate wines and spirits.

Try this, hasn’t been cloned yet.

So did you still “treat” your boys? That is the big question @Chifu

We have been taking second generation in the disguise of Jameson and other expensive liquors.

Alcohol % is 40.

gay thread

This village recognizes Jug Daniels as the only drink with a name close to that.

Jug Daniels ni Keg

Hiyo ni kitunguu ya akina @mayekeke

Some people are cheapskates but they want to be seen as generous billionnaires, so they go to wines & spirits sellers housed in a 10*10 container space and they buy something that LOOKS like something expensive.

They end up drinking Essence of Ngotha or Liquer d’ Mortuary.

Hehe…any relationship between this post and being a billionaire?