Fake it till you make it

One Muigai Ngugi arrested with fake NIS, KEBS, EACC, immigration ID cards, two guns and over 700 bullets in his Syokimau house.
([SIZE=2]kuna very active talker who will be missing in action[/SIZE][SIZE=4])[/SIZE]

bado najaribu kuelewa mahali hiyo phrase ya fake it inaaingilia

As he tries to figure that out, I feel obligated to tell you hii tuliona kama bado Mercy Oburu na Christine Nguku wanasoma news KTN - 62.

Good morning VC!

NIS be like, ‘We knew he was printing fake shit and forwaded tge information to the police’

Nimesikia he was trying to extort money from a "land scammer " yeye ndio amemuseti.

99% of anyone who claims he is NIS or a police officer incognito is most probably a con or a lie.

Morning Gashwin

Why always them?


He must have been in one of the professions above in a previous life. He became a consultant afterwards.

100 per cent NIS gone rogue and the agency denies him.
Those new firearms complete with holsters and new packaging and that number of shiny new ammo just is not backstreet.
the ids too.

There’s no way this person could operate without the knowledge and cooperation of police/NIS/KEBS/EACC/Immigration. Maybe he just bit off more than he could chew. Ni kama Joshua “The Boy” Waiganjo. How is one labelled an impostor when he’s been interacting with the most senior police officers?


Inaitwa kuwa na guts, cojones, balls…


06:08 Moses Muigai Ngugi arrested with fake NIS, KeBS, EACC , ODPP and immigration ID cards, two guns and over 700 bullets found in his Syokimau house. Via @KTNNewshave you had an encounter with fake pma3route.com/update/724552 pic.twitter.com/3dLkkMDrwXvia @NairobiAlerts
8:08 PM - 25 Jul 2018
By: @Ma3Route Photos @Ma3RoutePhotos

Feel there’s more to this story.

How would he ever pose for a photo like this one? hizi mambo za ku floss ni ujinga tupu

who has confirmed if the ids were fake?
why does he have a well “packaged gun”?
would he lie that the NIS is denying one of their own in front of the cameras?
on that ma3route pic you can see he has a labled gun, if it was “stolen” or “fake” dont you think he would have been wise to erase the number

hapa kuna maneno hatuambiwi

News from a shithole.

Kenya is a kakistocracy. Nothing shocks me anymore.

I bet the police service doesn’t know how many service men and women they have in active service.