Fake IT clients

There’s a new trick in town that con men are using, this one especially targets IT guys with laptops and other valuable equipment such as phones.What they do is that they give you a call claiming to be interested in certain software, e.g website setup, design work, windows installation, pos software setup.They then insist on meeting you in order for them to see a demo of the work you have done and they always ask you to come with your laptop.Once you arrive at the specified meeting spot, the guy comes with a car, kumbe huko ndani iko watu.He tells you to get in so that you can go to a convenient place for a meeting.Ole wako ukiingia hapo ndani.You will be robbed and dropped off in some strange place.This has happened to my close friend.Be on the lookout.

Yep, hii imekua ikihappen for quite some time.

azande zana

[*] Noted

nikama mashetani

Was almost conned hapo Wallet kwa junction ya Ronald Ngala na Tom Mboya Strt. But niliwaonea 18

In similar fashion? Full story please.

What does this mean ?

almost similar but were forced to change tact. I was selling a previous laptop on olx quoted a price of 35k, received a call we were to meet at family bank opposite Kenya Cinema, I was there at the agreed time, the guyz took some time but finally arrived. Not to sound prejudicial but on looking at them they did not appear to be people that would purchase a laptop for 35K, They asked I accompany them to a Premio that was parked across the road we transact business there, I declined and told them we should instead go to some restaurant in the building that houses club Wallet I even offered to pay for the tea or soda. They hesitated but after some consultations with some old mzee in the car, they agreed and the mzee stepped out I thought he was their father and even felt guilty for doubting them. We went to the restaurant and the guyz took a look at the machine they never bargained (red flag again) and told me I leave the two young guyz with the machine as they drink tea, we go with the mzee to the bank he withdraws cash and gives me then we conclude the business. I instead proposed to them they go to the bank and I wait for them at the restaurant. They seemed pissed, but they walked out and I waited for one hour, on calling them nobody was picking the phone. I packed up, paid their bill and left. I still felt conned for paying for their tea, but I missed something bigger by a whisker

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Its a football saying. Anyway I saw their intention way before they could execute it

You waited for an hour o_Oo_O …that’s long, no wonder am afraid of OLX

I factored in the queues at the banks and most ATM withdrawals being limited at 20K per day. I normally give people benefit of doubt

Phew, that was close!!

Don’t be. I’ve bought stuff from genuine sellers there lots of times.

Yep treat it like any market, there are beggars, thieves and pick pockets but also nice stuff as well

pigiame.co.ke has less thieves