Fake Dr Killed Mother During C/Section While Earning Shs 150,000 Per Month

Kapsabet County Hospital was paying a man accused of being a fake doctor nearly Sh150,000 every month.

Investigations show Ronald Kiprotich Melly continued to work at Kapsabet County Hospital six months even after his colleagues raised queries about his qualifications.

Kapsabet Hospital Medical Superintendent Shadrack Kemei confirmed he had received complaints in July and August this year from other doctors, nurses and hospital staff about Mr Melly.

Dr Kemei said the facility investigated a case involving him in June after a caesarean delivery he conducted led to the death of the mother, but would not reveal the investigations.

Melly worked in several departments at the hospital, including the maternity and outpatient departments between May 4and October this year, when he was transferred to Meteitei Sub-County Hospital as Medical Superintendent.



Mugomo wa warimu… Sorre Mugo wa Wairimu

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one thing that i still cant reconcile my head with is how a person decides to impersonate a doctor, a career where a mistake is as good as a murder, why not impersonate other professions which are not a matter of life and death


This is a classic case of the system failing mwananchi


A yooung mother died in his hands. The hospital brushed it aside.

This should now be treated as MURDER. Families of the berieved should sue the hospital and his this quacks estate ( his is a grandson of billionaire land grabber).


He is not alone there are so many fake doctors in our hospitals…

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Intro fart sorry @introvert leta tata mariamu na roller. kisungu imeuwawa hapa

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We kumamako wacha kuderail thread yangu


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Unaskia this jamaa ni grandson ya Bargetuny, connections wazimu. Unaeza fake aje college, internship mpaka work experience of a doctor surely!! Na upate job mpaka promotions!! Yaani kama si colleagues walinotice hii jamaa inashika surgery instruments kama makanga and raised concerns, jamaa angekuwa heading some hospital in a few years. Kenya has gone to the dogs for sure!!


Tumchangie Osungu.dll kidogo…


kubabako kudadako kunduguko kubibiko omena imeoza wewe


Wait is Kapsabet a county on its own or how do they name these facilities. About the quack doc mama Lucy is full of his ilk and no one is talking


Fake engineers have killed tens of people at a go due to things like structural/equipment failure, fake lawyers have ensure innocent guys are jailed.
Ukiongeza fake pharmacists, fake architects, fake computer scientists you realize Kenya tuko in one big hole.


This really puts it into perspective, most probably all sensitive proffessions are compromised, dont know whether to blame it on the morals of the society we live in as whole or just pure greed from a select few

Sad that we have compromised our health. Our health should be the top priority as a country just like Cuba.

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a while back there was a media house special program about north eastern there was a medical facility which had no doctors and the only guy who was helping out was a form four leaver who was apprenticed and they trust that he is ‘qualified’

It pains me because millions on top of millions of people out here have gone to an extent of pursuing a master’s degree and still don’t earn nothing!!! Employment is 4 the less qualified only


infact he was a fool anaenda aje kuapply for confirmation na fake documents?

That fake doc must be a psychopath how can a normal person take a scalpel and dissect a person knowing full well he is not qualified.