Failure to Pay back Debt

There is a guy I loaned 250 k in October last year, he has since managed to pay back 150k and kept on taking me in circles on the balance. Kindly advise on a way that I can easily take him to task on the remainder.

Peleka yeye small claims court. mimi siku hizi when it comes to money hakuna urafiki. watu wamekuwa na mazoea.

Akishaanza kukuzungusha, easily is out of the question. You should try roughing him up.

Never lend money to friends and even close relatives. It just destroys the relationship. Afadhali nimpatie kama msaada. You can turn nasty and send goons to him but it will cost you.

Sure, the guy has been promising to pay but failing to honor his words. Recently he activated the disappearing messages feature on WhatsApp.

Why do you lend people money? Are you a bank? Anyway, if you chose to take the risk, bear the consequences with grace.

Never lend money you can’t afford to lose!

Meanwhile, mpeleke kwa small claims court but mtasumbuana though. Or go beast mode and send him some gangs to teach him a lesson.


Small claims court as suggested above seems okay.

Good luck with that.

If he has managed to pay 150k, ata amejaribu


@Motokubwa kuna kazi hapa…huyu peleka yeye pale Langata Cemetery umwambie achague shamba yake.

Is there any indication that ako na pesa yako na halipi?

Small claims court huwa chapchap sana !

Bring me to speed… ndio gani hii

get a lawyer funguwa kesi small claims court , they handle anything under 1m

The Small Claims Court is established by the Small Claims Act 2016. This a subordinate court in the structure of the court system in Kenya under Article 169 (1) of the Constitution with a monetary jurisdiction of matters not exceeding Kshs1 million.

The establishment of the courts is part of an initiative to enhance the ease of doing business in the country. The courts are intended to reduce backlog of cases by having disputes resolved through simple, inexpensive and expeditious procedures, thus enhancing access to justice.

The main objective of the court is to guarantee the right of access to justice as envisioned under Article 48 of the Constitution through simplicity of procedure, timely disposal of proceedings, fairness of process and reasonable court fees.

Forgive the debt.

Appreciated chief… more informed now

Kuna mtu alicon mimi 16k, mind you he is a close relative. Ogopa hawaa watu wanajiita relatives

Could it be you?
Lipa mimi pole pole nsikufishe kotini

The guy is liquid