Faiba VoLTE Band 28 GSM routers cost.

Jamii Faiba are selling their 4g routers band 28 routers at Shs 5,200.

This price is proving to be prohibitively high for the masses.

Has no one figured out how to get them custom made in China for a significantly lower price ?.

I believe there is a hug market for the routers as not many people are willing or able to afford swapping their phones.

Someone had put one here for I think 3,500.

Cost Vs Quality

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I thought you could import a universal router that supports 4G VoLTE band 28

Ama Ile ya telkom kama it’s possible :frowning:

Does anyone has detail on JTL network coverage. Would hate to invest on SiM and modems and find no network on my area.

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You can. But the ones I’m seeing on eBay are not much cheaper either cause of their brand names.

Ya telkom doesnt support band 28 saw a good deal ya 25$ shipping 13

There are reputable brands out there from Huawei and ZTE but the are ranging from 15k but they do offer some additional functions like external aerial ports ,LAN ports for hard wired connection and rj11 for phone connection though I am not sure if they support voLTE