Faiba network

Nani ametumia hii network kustream football games Kama premier league ama champions league?
Safaricom faiba home Bado hawajafika kwetu Na nilitaka kitu inaweza stream bila kubuffer.
I mostly use links from Reddit.
Tunukiwa ya safaricom iko poa since it offers 4g unlimited for 3hrs shida Ni it’s not available always so I’ve missed some games because of that.
Input highly appreciated wakubwa

Ngoja Safaricom faiba.

Unaweza pia consider dstv 3200 pm. Unaona ball hadi unashangaa!

So faiba haistream vizuri ama?

Dstv 3200 package is a gem that pple haven’t learnt about yet. I watch most if not all premier league games, champions league, FA cup and LA liga what else can a man ask for?

Nilijaribu kwangu, was not reliable - maybe I was on less mbps. Huenda wameimprove.

Good to know

Wanted internet for browsing as well. Game si zote Ni moja moja. Mainly big games during weekdays

Disadvantages are thet you have to pay all that money and you only watch the balls for some selected days only, and perhaps, nothing else. And you will have to watch only what they will present to you. Sometimes they will not show game you would like to watch. When you are on the internet, you have more say on what you want to watch, a bit like video on demand.

The package has SS1-10 and PL games are beamed in SS3,5,7. All games be it weekends or weekdays I watch I have not missed even one. Moreso if you pay em fuckers 3 months in a row before expiry date you bumped up to premium package for a month. I am only missing SS11-14.

Streaming has only one downside the stream is delayed by 3-5 minutes.

Very true, I considered it since most of my days (Mon-Fri) niko job - Internet is sorted. Nikirudi home, the only thing I need is TV. Hii mambo ya buffering niliwacha 2016.
I think they realised my watching habits & loyalty, sahii wamenifungulia channels za mchezo, 1-10. I can never complain.

Kama wewe ni mtu wa kukaa home, unaweza chukua Internet. Mimi hata sitakangi kuona browser nikiingia keja.

I use faiba to stream games using mobdro. No buffering except when games are on Sky Sports which I noted is very heavy.

Package ya 3200 haina champions league. Am on that package too.

It has bro SS5 that’s where all champions league games are and SS7 all 1080i

Thanks. Mimi hutumia hi link ya Reddit tuliwekewa happy some time back. Will try it


Lipa 3 times on time or before ua due date…itakua upgraded na utapata all ss channels mpaka maximo 1 & 2, i pay 3200 but niko kwa premium for a month…call it reward programme…

Free Upgrade is one week only

Lemmie confess I installed a decoder in ma crib last year august and I have been paying 3200 every month and I have all those channels.

Guess am priviledged then…1 month boss!!! wamekucheza!!!ve been on premium since last month…halafu 500mb free bundles…what is ua mode of payment??

M pesa. Been paying my dstv on time