Faiba mifi vs Liquid Telkom home internet

Wadau saidieni as am torn between zis two gadgets.
Here are the facts:
Liquid Telkom: 2k per month for unlimited internet.
Faiba; depends on bundles.
Speeds: here is the catch. Don’t know which one is faster and more stable.
Setup cost: faiba ksh 5400 and liquid ksh 7,000.
Which one should I go for?
NB* I want to stream movies, live soccer, documentaries, live TV (CNN, ABC, Fox News, Natgeo, Discovery HD, boomerang or CN for the kids etc).
This will replace Dstv/GOTV completely.
I also want to control it 24 hours so that the kids do not access some adult stuff when am not in the house.(this is always my worst nightmare!)

Kama si faiba Tumia zuku. Hizo zingine ni za umeffi

For your needs mi naona utahitaji an unlimited plan for peace of mind

Forrowing crosely…

Wewe ju una subscription ya Pornhub, tumia liquid ju ya lubrication

Liquid Telecom

You already have the answer to your query.

Liquid telecom buda


nipewe contacts za liquid tafasali ? or just where i should get them