Faiba 4G

This is my previous phone Tecno Camon C9.[ATTACH=full]156599[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]156596[/ATTACH]
Regarding to the provided screenshots, does it mean it can support Faiba LTE band 28?

haiwez mek…tecno is one shitty company

Iko sawa.

He’s asking about the phone…

I have the CX and line 1 is faiba.

CX iko sawa but c9 haiwezi

I have a Microsoft 640XL LTE. Came to learn it’s got band 28 , Manually entered the APN, restarted and was able to access data. Do a network search, if 639-10 pops up, know that you good.

does camon cx air support?

who has the apn?

Check here if your phone supports Faiba4G
Search your phone model
If you see 28(700) then it supports faiba