The past two months I decided to change my menu variety nikaanza kusmash only 18 and 19 year olds. Take it from me there is nothing as harmful on these kids as the American pop culture. Especially the current rap music. Shit has these young kids living in a different world. Kwanza ile mbwa ilidedi Juice Wrld really romanticized depression so now every teen actually thinks depression is cool and taking their life isnt a big deal. Akina Lil Uzi, Sam Smith na Demi Lovato wakaanza kumpromote stuff ya they/theirs. You do not even have to go far to see this stuff uko Reddit imejaa na watu sampuli izi.

Leteni nudes za kalala :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are you gayyy!!!

For once she’s right on that rant…

This cow is also gay… The rant is just a coping mechanism

Fuck the alphabet gang. LGBTQCHIETH DFHKMBLHKS motherfuckers

mtu anipatie interpretation ya kitu @Jimit ameandika

Unless wewe ni mkongwe kama kina @ChifuMbitika and your kids are over 25 then hauna bahati. The internet, Tv and Youtube will make your kids gay, lesbian or trans. Hawa late 90s na early 2000s already wako na onlyfans na chaturbate, and are into some pretty debauched things in the bedroom.

jana tumeongea na @Duke of Coomersvile tukakubaliaa an average 20 year old kid has far more sexual experience than your typical 40 year old

“Gheueuch heueudhd foreskin hdheueec penda dhdhdhdhd homosexual hdux abujubuju”

toa ufala apa mtoto wa single sum. nenda kacheze na watoto wenzako kwa estate parking lot beacuse your mom is about to have a visitor. Uncle Jimit is coming over. Takataka ghasia

I had a 20 year old babe deepthroat my fuckstick and do things with her tongue that no other woman has ever done before. These young women are something else, bruh.