factory restore protection

jana usiku i happen to mug someone alfu nika wipe data uko kwa android recovery. to my question , how do i by-pass factory restore protection on android v6.0

@pamba here is a thief in our village @musambati.
we need to stone this criminal



huezii… last year i was in the same predicament. thez this galaxy s5 i rarely use kwa nyumba so i thought to myself why not use this kaphone c it yours. i picked it up then i have always liked how light-weight it is. mimi ndo huyoo first 3 days of use ikaleta update notification android 6.1. i update the fucking phone but the camera doesnt launch. googling a few ways i could sort the issue out hazikufanya so i was now left with one option which ilinipa tabuu sanaaaa. on hardreseting the phone hio reactivation lock was on. simu ika kwama.
so on putin on the phone everything will go as expected till you get to the point you have to login into your samsung account. which didnt work despite having the right email and password. i had to go to samsung care wakanirudisha kwa nyumba i find something that will prove the phone is mine. wakabaki na simu kufika kwa nyumba like all recepts haionekani sasa. 4 days nikitafuta recept then one lucky day bumped into it. in some documents. nikwapelekea they charged me 1k to unlock the phone then they updated it to hio android 6.1
its back in the drawer however.


Wewe ni mwizi wa mabavu na hauna aibu…ibilisi wewe


yule jamaa wa * finding things* sijui laptop fell off a truck unaitwa hapa makausi kibao.

  1. Connect the phone to a Wifi Network
  2. The next screen will ask you for the Google Account
  3. Tap the text field in which the account should be inserted until the Keyboard comes up
  4. Tap and hold the “ @ ” character until a Settings menu pops up
  5. Select Google Keyboard Settings
  6. Tap on the 3 dots in the top part of the screen (or More depending on what Android OS you are running)
  7. Select the Help&Feedback item and select any item in the list that will follow
  8. Long press to select any text on this page and click on Websearch in the upper right corner
  9. A search field will be shown (delete the text inside the search field)
  10. Type Settings in the search field
  11. Tap “About Phone” and tap 7 times on the Build Number to enable Developer Options
  12. Return to the previous menu and open the Developer Option that just appeared
  13. Allow OEM Unlocking and tap Back two times
  14. Restart the device
  15. Connect it to Wifi again
  16. Notice how you won’t be prompted to log in the previous Google Account and instead the phone will ask you to ADD a new Google Account