Factory reset protection

I have this phone a samsung s7 edge. Its been locked through factory reset protection. I have the email and password but lost the sim card. Thats means I cannot access the code sent to my mobile number. Samsung wants proof of ownership ( receipt) to fix the issue. I misplaced it. …I have googled and read several ways of removing frp. But staki stress. Nauliza aje hawa mafundi wa luthuli wataweza ama nigutee? Someone tell me if its really possible to remove frp without damaging the phone. Or you can recommend a reputable fundi.

Rudisha simu ya wisi ama upatane na force of gravity


replace hio simcard then begin from there

It was an orange line that I cant even remember the details…

umejaribu odin flasher? Sidhani kama kuna kitu inashinda hiyo…

How about performing a hard reset

Why not replace the simcard instead?

Enda na ID to a telkom centre near you explain yourself and am pretty sure they’ll be able to tell you the line you were using and even replace it for you.

If Telkom fails I can recommend a guy for you , hapo Luthuli ,very trustworthy ( will not steal or broadcast any data on your phone)

Watch this video/read the summary.For Factory reset ##7780##. For re-installation 27673855##. I’ve never tried them myself though.


If factory reset protection is active then the phone is in rmm prenormal state and cannot be flashed. Wait 168 hours without restarting it or changing the sim. (If it is stolen you will likely be caught in that week.) We covered this shiat in another post a few weeks ago: google “samsung rooting kenyatalk” and read

Ooya rudisa simu wa wenyewe…
Anywho ita @snapdragon

leta simu tutafute nudes halafu tutengeneze

Good to know!

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kuja na 2k

Hii sidhani kaa inawork

Ya,let him try Odin flash tool.
It’s meant for all samsung accessories.

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